Teatro del Lago launches album created in pandemic: Creaciones Bajo Contagio

Five works of chamber music created by Chilean composers contains the album produced by Teatro del Lago de Frutillar, which is inspired by themes arising from the Covid-19 virus. The artists worked with the musicians of Chilean ensembles and great voices of the lyric world, such as the international soprano Yaritza Véliz.


This March 20th at 6 p.m. will be the launch and premiere of the album Creaciones Bajo Contagio, a production conceived and carried out by Teatro del Lago in 2020, in which five Chilean composers were commissioned to create a chamber music work inspired by the pandemic.


The musicians chosen for the diversity of their proposals: Carlos Zamora (52) York, United Kingdom; Tamara Miller (28), Dresden, Germany; Sebastián Errázuriz (45) Frutillar, Chile; Miguel Farías (37) Santiago, Chile and Fernanda Carrasco (36), Valparaíso.


At the end of last year the pieces were recorded by Chilean ensembles and in some of them, with the voices of prominent sopranos such as Yaritza Véliz and Jessica Rivas. The result of this work will be an album produced entirely by Teatro del Lago and will feature five micro-documentaries by the filmmaker by Felipe Ríos, who will give an account of each work and its creation process, which will be released, one each day, from March 10 through the Instagram of Teatro del Lago.


To publicize the project and the official premiere of the album, Teatro del Lago will hold on March 20 at 6:00 p.m., via zoom, in a meeting with the five composers, who will connect from their place of residence (different cities of the world), with the public. The instance will be moderated by Cecilia Bravo, Director of Art and Innovation.


The story

In July 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, the theatres of the world closed and programming was paralyzed in the face of an uncertain scenario, a product of Covid-19. “We had to take charge of such a paradigmatic moment as this one and we believe that in difficult times art has a lot to say. For this reason, we wanted to be part and know “how this pandemic is heard”, what our composers can say about it. It has been a revealing, fascinating project that makes us very proud as an institution. It has been an important gestation in a pandemic, ”says Cecilia Bravo, director of Arte & Innovación Teatro del Lago.


In this context, Teatro del Lago summoned a group of Chilean composers, chosen for the diversity of their proposals and works, to create a 10-minute work of chamber music for an ensemble of a maximum of five instruments with a conformation chosen by each creator.


Via online and from their places of residence, the artists worked from concepts such as vulnerability, reinvention, vertigo, selfishness and transcendence, in works that capture the feeling of a pandemic that affected everyone in 2020 and continues to this day . Inspired by texts by writers, thinkers and poets, the musicians show through their works an X-ray of what we are being as a society, as if the pandemic had allowed time to look at ourselves more closely with a magnifying glass or a magnifying glass.


Video Creaciones Bajo Contagio