Teatros del Canal of the Community of Madrid will reopen to the public on June 17th

With the celebration of the ‘Madrid en Danza’ festival, Teatros del Canal will become the first theater that opens its doors after confinement in the region and one of the first in Spain .. All safety and hygiene measures have been implemented, and the use of a mask will be mandatory.


Teatros del Canal of the Community of Madrid will reopen to the public from June 17, becoming the first theater in the region and one of the first in Spain to raise the curtain after confinement. Thus, the Community of Madrid continues to resume the activity of its cultural spaces after the closure caused by the COVID-19 crisis. 


The director of Teatros del Canal, Blanca Li, has stated that “culture is an essential asset, public theaters have a responsibility to the artists and creators who are the weakest link in this sector.” And he added that “culture and art are fundamental and necessary at this time, as we have seen during the pandemic.”


For her part, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, has indicated that with this reopening “we are taking another step in the return to cultural normality.” “Teatros del Canal kept the curtain open until the last moment and we always said that we would open as soon as possible. We have been preparing for this reopening during the entire state of alarm, and we also maintained the activity during the confinement, virtually, thanks to La Cuarta Sala,“said the counselor.


Likewise, Rivera de la Cruz has indicated that “it is very important that this return be done with full responsibility on the part of everyone.” And he added that “as a public theater we owe it to all the citizens who support it, and we now ask the people of Madrid for their collaboration, their patience and their affection to face this new stage. We enter terrain that we do not know and the important thing is that the curtain be raised with all the guarantees. We will have to work together, but it is very important to send the message that theaters come back to life ”.


In this way, the reopening of the center will take place under strict safety and hygiene measures, through a protocol created for this purpose and that guarantees the safety of both the public and its workers. A protocol for the implementation of which the Director of Teatros del Canal, Blanca Li, has been in contact with other European theaters to closely follow the proposals that have been made in this matter. Among other measures, the use of masks inside the enclosure will be mandatory, the capacity will be reduced and the tickets will be online.


“The Teatros del Canal will act as a laboratory in this era of performing arts post covid. We will share everything we learn, of course, with all the public and private theaters that demand it from us, ”said Rivera de la Cruz.


Likewise, the Madrid counselor explained that the activity of the Teatros del Canal will begin with the festival Madrid en Danza, which this year celebrates its XXXV edition under the direction of the dancer and choreographer Aída Gómez. “What better than dance to recover the theatrical activity and the illusion to live the culture live”, he stressed.


All the details about the security protocol and the programming of Madrid en Danza will be announced through a press conference that will take place in the coming days.




Teatros del Canal of the Community of Madrid have maintained their activity and showed the best of the performing arts in a virtual way throughout the confinement. Thus, on March 27, the launched Fourth room of Canal was in order to promote artistic creation.


This project has brought together the creation of great artists such as Blanca Li, Director of the Center and in charge of opening The Fourth Room with a piece titled She, on the occasion of World Theater Day. On the other hand, this virtual stage has had Antonio Najarro, former Director of the National Ballet of Spain, with Pisando flores, who had a great reception receiving virtual applause from followers from Chile or the Netherlands. And is that The fourth room has been an example of the projection and international scope that enable this kind of initiative.


also Isabel Coixet has collaborated with video Taking medicine to my mother,in which the filmmaker through the streets reciting the poem Lou Reed We are the people; singer Edith Salazar performed her work the piano Besaré tu piel on; and a different proposal came from the hand of the contemporary dance interpreter María del Mar Suarez, La Chachi, who contributed a very domestic scene with her I stay in a robe, Mariquilla. Dialogue quarantine in a dressing gown.


The Community of Madrid and Teatros del Canal fulfill with this initiative a double objective of maintaining contact with the public and offering a new stage – through the Internet – to creators, actors, directors, dancers, choreographers, musicians, composers, writers, plastic artists, photographers and videoartists, who thus have a new public space for expression, exchange, encounter and creation.


More information about Teatros del Canal of the Community of Madrid at http://facebook.com/teatrosdelcanal and www.teatroscanal.com/