Teatros del Canal repeat the success of The Ópera Locos and present a summer of musicals, dance and humor 

After the success of the previous seasons, it is the third consecutive year that, will be able to see The Ópera Locos, winner of a Max 2019 award for Best Musical show at Teatros del Canal. The highly acclaimed Lehman Trilogy, And if we fall in love with Scarpia, Boadella and Flying is human, landing is divine, other proposals that repeat this season.



After two years of a successful tour, Teatros del Canal of Madrid Community again host The Opera Locos, an original idea by Yllana and Rami Eldar, directed by Yllana. The show can be seen in the Red Room from July 14 to August 2, 2020. Public assistance will be regulated by a series of security and hygiene measures, through a protocol created for this purpose and which guarantees the safety of both the public and its workers.


This production by the Yllana company seeks to bring the greatest hits of the opera closer to the general public, in an original and humorous way: five of the most prestigious lyrical singers of the moment come together to give a recital, but soon feelings and hidden passions that will turn the stage into a real battlefield, with crazy and unpredictable consequences. A fun war of egos in which opera merges with other musical styles to create a different experience around the genre.


During the presentation ceremony of The Crazy Opera, the Mayor of Teatros del Canal, Jorge Culla, has also presented the programming that we will be able to see in the coming months on these stages: a different proposal aimed at audiences of all ages and tastes, in which can be enjoyed in musicals in the purest Broadway style, humor shows, flamenco, theater or contemporary music.


“We have made a great effort to strike a balance between security and programming excellence. For us it was essential that the sanitary and hygiene measures were complied with exhaustively and that this did not prevent us from offering a proposal that conformed to the demand of the public of Teatros del Canal, a public that day by day continues to demonstrate its fidelity and which has responded exceptionally after the reopening of our theaters. We know that we have limited capacity, but we have those limitations and with them we try to reach the maximum; In order to reach the maximum, we need to have an aware public that all the measures are being fulfilled in this theater, that you can come to this theater quietly. ”


In addition, he wanted to recognize in a special way the merit of those creators who have opted to premiere shows after the health crisis of COVID-19, “as is the case of María Pagés or Sergio Bernal, since they have been the ones that have been harmed the most by the paralysis of the sector in recent months.”


Between August 5 and 29, 2020 it will be the turn of What if we fall in love with Scarpia?, a lyrical brawl, an ironic and scathing vision of the intricate relationships between genres through the opera directed by Albert Boadella and Martina Cabanas. From August 25 to September 6 Yllana again, this time with Maestrissimo (Pagagnini 2),a show that combines chamber music, comedy and satirical vintage portrait. Els Joglars arrive from September 2 to 20 with Señor Ruiseñor, a satire that aims to treat the Catalan conflict with daring, humor and intelligence.


Contemporary music will be the protagonist on September 6, 13, 20 and 27 with the COMA’20 Festival and on October 4, 11 and 18 with the Ensembles Festival. Between September 9 and 13, the Andalusian Flamenco Ballet presents Naturalmente Flamenco, a music and dance show that shows this racial art.


The musical season opens on the Channel with Jekyll & Hyde, a classic of the genre with a Gothic aesthetic that can be seen between September  16 and 26, and continues with one of the most successful musicals on Broadway, with 7 Tony Awards and 3 Grammy Awards: Annie, which will run from September 18-27. 


Between September 23 and October 18, the success of returns Lehman Trilogy, a fascinating journey that humorously narrates the rise and fall of the Lehman family led by Sergio Peris Mencheta. And on October 9, 10 and 11, the India concert festival will showcase India’s cultural richness through the country’s classical music and dance. Between October 14 and 25 it will be the turn of The Paradise of the Blacks, by María Pagés and  El Arbi El Harti, a flamenco choreography about the perpetual search for happiness, inspired by Lorca’s Poet in New York.


The Turing machine, directed by Claudio Tolcachir, can be seen between October 22 and November 15; inspired by Hugh Whitemore’s Breaking The Code, based in turn on Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges. Finally, the Argentine Enrique Piñeyro repeats on our stages between November 5 and 8 with Volar es humana, landing is divine, one of the greatest hits of the Maipo Theater on Corrientes Street in Buenos Aires.



The show, original idea of ​​Yllana and Rami Eldar, has a unique staging, a careful aesthetic and the peculiar sense of comedy of the well-known company, in addition to the voices of the soloists María Rey-Joly, Mayca Teba, Toni Comas, Enrique Sánchez Ramos and Juan Carlos Coronel (alternately). The artistic direction is by David Ottone and Joe O’Curneen and the musical direction by Marc Álvarez and Manuel Coves.


Yllana was born in 1991 as a gesture humor theater company, although at present it has diversified its activity offering different services in the world of performing and audiovisual arts. On the one hand, it is dedicated to the creation, production and distribution of shows, events and audiovisual formats and, on the other, it manages theatrical spaces and develops different projects in the cultural field. Yllana members are Juan Francisco Ramos, Marcos Ottone, David Ottone, Joseph O’Curneen and Fidel Fernández.


In these 28 years Yllana has produced thirty theatrical shows: Wow! (1991), Glub, Glub (1994), 666 (1998), Hipo (1999), Rock and Clown (2000), Spingo (2001), Splash! (2002), Star Trip (2003), The Best Sketches of Monty Python (2004), Olimplaff (2004), La Cantante Calva (2005), Buuu! (2006), PaGAGnini (2007), Musicall (2007), Brokers (2008), Zoo (2009), Sensormen (2010), Wow! 2 (2011), The Hole (2011), Action Man (2012), Far West (2012), Monty Python, The Best Sketches (2013), Malikianini, Sinfònic Ara (2014), The Gagfather (2014), Chefs (2015 ), The Primitals (2016), The Best of Yllana (2016), The Opera Locos (2018), Ben-Hur (2018) and Gag Movie (2018). These productions have been performed more than 12,000 times in more than 40 countries and have been seen by nearly three million spectators. 



1.- Go, pensiero …, Nabucco. G. Verdi

2.- Habanera, Carmen. G. Bizet

3.- Vivi, tyrant !, Rodelinda. GF Händel

4.- O mio babbino, caro …, Gianni Schicchi. G. Puccini

5.- Quando me’n vo, La Bohème. G. Puccini

6.- Vesti la giubba, I Pagliacci. R. Leoncavallo

7.- Sous le dôme épais, Lakmé. L. Delibes

8.- Toreador, Carmen. G. Bizet

9.- Barcarolle, Les contes d´Hoffmann. J. Offenbach

10.- Mon coeur, Samson et Delilah. C. Saint-Saëns

11.- Der Hölle Rache, Die Zauberflöte. WA Mozart

12.- Nessun dorma, Turandot. G. Puccini and small pieces from the popular repertoire