Teatros del Canal presents its 2020/2021 program

More than 90 companies and 360 performances will pass through the three rooms of the theater. Among other names, John Malkovich, the Comédie-Française, Krystian Lupa, Rossy de Palma and the National Dance Company will be on the bill.


The Teatros del Canal de la Comunidad de Madrid present their 2020/2021 program, the first that has been entirely designed by their current Artistic Director, Blanca Li.


The program runs from September 2020 to June 2021, and is thought-provoking amid this global emergency, but it also conveys energy and optimism.


With more than 90 companies and more than 360 functions, the Teatros del Canal this year is expanding its programming and expressing its eclectic, interdisciplinary and intergenerational character, with special attention to the diversity of the public and the promotion of creation.


The program in numbers


In the coming months, on the billboard of the three rooms of the Teatros del Canal – the Red, the Green and the Black -, as well as in the Canal Choreographic Center, dance, theater, music, circus, performance, new scenic and alternative forms.


There are 98 premieres ahead, of which 22 are absolute, and we will see 33 co-productions gathered under the Creation Channel label.


An important effort has been made to establish bridges with international creation, especially with the European one, and thus, while 48 of the companies that will come are Spanish, 34 are foreign, and more than 40% are creative.


In addition, 90% of the international assemblies and 100% of the 21 national companies that had to suspend their functions due to confinement due to the coronavirus will be recovered.


Interdisciplinary proposals and big names


Eclecticism is the hallmark of this program that incorporates names from different arts to join forces and dialogue with the theater.


From February 17 to 21 we have an appointment with actor John Malkovich on the stage of the Red Room, where he will upload his Simply Call Me God, a music and theater crossover in which he analyzes the minds of megalomaniac tyrants.


From December 10 to 13, the prestigious company Comédie – Française will also go up to the Red Room, with an adaptation of 20,000 leagues of underwater travel.


On February 12 and 13, the iconic Polish director Krystian Lupa will stage the Red Room Capri: the Island of Fugitives, which analyzes the European monsters of religion or dictatorships.



The Teac Damsa Company and Michael Keegan – Dolan, Laurence Olivier Dance Award winner, present Mám, an abstract dance proposal that the London critics recommended as essential and will come from April 29 to May 2 at the Red Room.


The iconic conductor William Christie, great recuperator of the Baroque, will bring, by the hand of Les Arts Florissants. the staged concert #TellmeTheTruthAboutLove, on March 23 and 25 at the Red Room.


And Rossy de Palma, the usual name of the Seventh Art, will go up to the Black Room between December 3 and 6 with the performance Resilienza D’Amore (Revisited), a show of Dadaist visual poetry.


Boost to choreographic creation

This season, the new Canal Choreographic Center is reinforced as one of the most powerful dance creation and studio laboratories in the Community of Madrid. The institution has the ambition to promote choreographic creation in all its forms of expression, making available to creators and performers, both emerging and established, nine well-equipped studios, in whose safety it has worked since the end of the confinement to protect health of public and creators.


The residencies that have been held in them in recent months have resulted in the Canal Baila dance cycle, in which, until October 11, creations by the companies Ana Morales, Jesús Carmona, Colectivo take the stage of the Sala Negra Lamajara, Cristian Martín, Narváez / Runde / Sanz, Metamorphosis Dance, Stocos Institutes, Fabian Thomé, Elías Aguirre and Begoña Quiñones & Verónica Garzón. All of them, absolute premieres and Canal productions.


To see the full program Teatros del Canal, visit their website.