Teatro del Lago and Teatro Biobío premiere co-production of the opera ‘Patagonia’

Imagen promocional para la ópera 'Patagonia'

Composed by the Chilean musician Sebastián Errázuriz, the opera Patagonia recounts the passage of Hernando de Magallanes through South America from a territorial perspective.


This unprecedented co-production of two of the main theaters in southern Chile, Teatro del Lago and Teatro Biobío, has the collaboration of the Valdivia Chamber Orchestra and stage direction by Marcelo Lombardero.


With performances on March 18 and 19 at Teatro del Lago and March 25 and 26 at Teatro Biobío, ticket sales begin on February 10.


Project financed by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage through the Fund for the Promotion and Development of the Performing Arts call 2021 and the Iberescena Fund for Aid to the Co-production of Scenic Shows 2020.


The expedition of Hernando de Magallanes and Sebastián Elcano lasted two years and this 2022 marks the 500th anniversary of the end of the journey that, after passing through South America, became the first circumnavigation of the world in history. These events inspired the first lyrical co-production of Teatro del Lago and Teatro Biobío, the opera ‘Patagonia’, composed by the outstanding national musician Sebastián Errázuriz.


A work that unites the composer with the stage director and founder of the Contemporary Musical Theater company, Marcelo Lombardero, in an innovative proposal that is presented on March 18 and 19 at Teatro del Lago, Frutillar and on March 25 and 26 at Teatro Biobío, Concepción, both performances with the participation of the Valdivia Chamber Orchestra.


The world premiere of Patagonia will mark the first premiere of a new lyrical creation from southern Chile post-pandemic. The opera, whose libretto was written by Rodrigo Ossandón, recounts the meeting of the Aonikkenk community – inhabitant of San Julián Bay – with the crew of Magallanes from the point of view of the Patagonian territory and of those who were its protagonists.


Sebastián Errázuriz, compositor de la ópera 'Patagonia'

Sebastián Errázuriz, Chilean musician and composer of the opera ‘Patagonia’.


The opera Patagonia’is a co-production of Teatro del Lago and Teatro Biobío, which represents the commitment of both venues to transform southern Chile into a pole of international scenic creation and production. “It has been a challenge due to the context of the pandemic, which we bet will mean an international milestone in terms of innovation both in its staging and from the point of view it gives us. A Chilean-Argentine collaboration added to three regions of southern Chile that promise a path of collaboration that will allow us to achieve great results for the benefit of our artists, public and history”, says Cecilia Bravo, director of Art & Innovation Teatro del Lago.


The premiere of Errázuriz’s opera is also part of the fourth anniversary of Teatro Biobío. “The co-production of Patagonia allows us to advance in the strengthening of stage production from the Biobío Region, through networking with other organizations in the south of the country and the exchange of skills that occurs thanks to these experiences. From Biobío we will contribute the technical knowledge of our team, which has a very high level of specialization thanks to the great scope and technology of our stage and which will travel to Frutillar during the process of rehearsing and staging the opera”, says Francisca Peró, director executive of the Teatro Biobío.


Marcelo Lombardero, director de escena de la ópera 'Patagonia'

Argentine Marcelo Lombardero, stage director of the opera ‘Patagonia’.