A Centre for Artistic Experimentation and Innovation (CEIA) is created in Chile

CEIA seeks to generate exchanges from the productive processes of the arts to other sectors and, in turn, promote innovation in the sector’s productive chain.

Municipal de Santiago Theatre, the Arts Faculty of Catholic University of Chile, the Visual Arts Museum (MAVI) and the Reimagina Foundation are the promoters of this agreement.


Santiago of Chile.– In the Painting Workshop of Municipal de Santiago theatre, as a symbol of the focus on the processes of the arts, an unprecedented collaboration agreement was signed between the Faculty of Arts of the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile, the Museum of Visual Arts, the Fundación Reimagina Educación and Municipal de Santiago, for the creation of the Centre for Artistic Innovation and Experimentation (CEIA).


CEIA was born with the purpose of facilitating and promoting innovation within the arts, in terms of content, form, value chain and production. At the same time, it seeks to stimulate the exchange of innovation, in methodologies, models and perspectives, to areas outside the arts, such as industry, education, public institutions and society as a whole.


Through alliances and networks, the initiative seeks to promote, tangible results and positive transformations that impact the lives of children, youth and adults valuing the contribution that arts and creative processes generate in society.


Alejandra Martí, coordinator and promoter of the initiative, comments that “the Covid crisis gives us the opportunity to generate turning points, profound changes and innovation. The coming years will produce a creative renaissance and through this nucleus of organizations we will focus on generating work structures that promote putting the arts at the service of society. Art is innovation and critical thinking in constant movement and recycling. Artists, through their processes, can make great contributions to the development of societies and of various sectors. ”


In the medium term, the aim is to make CEIA a benchmark in innovation in the arts in Latin America. Together with the signing of the agreement, collaboration agreements are being developed with other organizations such as the Extension Center of National Institute (Chile) and the CEAMC Foundation of Argentina directed by Martín Bauer.


“The development of skills such as the capacity for innovation, creativity or the design of agile solutions, is at the base of education, culture and art. This new centre precisely seeks to support and create the necessary intersections between these areas to pilot, learn and transfer educational models that accelerate skills for the 21st century ”, says Ana María Raad, Executive Director of Fundación Reimagina.


Within its lines of work, the Centre considers three areas of development, which are: creation, innovation and transfer, artistic residencies and training, and an innovation laboratory.


Alexei Vergara, dean of the Art’s Faculty of Universidad Católica, points out that “for the arts, the generation of frontier knowledge is key, and we are also aiming at this today. How, through alliances and new encounters, we can support the development of the arts, their processes, their dialogues with other disciplines and the rest of society. As a Faculty that includes visual arts, performing arts and music, we are convinced that the arts have always been a focus of innovation with tremendous relevance for people ”.


Finally, Carmen Gloria Larenas, General Director of Municipal de Santiago, expresses that “this initiative is part of the main objectives of the our theatre, which is to provide opportunities and support the development of new artistic talents in the arts that this institution cultivate and promote. Putting the Claudio Arrau Room as the headquarters of this project also allows us to consider and attract other audiences that are looking for more experimental artistic proposals and to begin to redefine the curatorial line of that important space ”.