Latin American repertoire to live Christmas

Music has the ability to transports us to different places, times and contexts; There are works that remind us of union and sharing with our loved ones at Christmas time. On this article, we recommend a repertoire of Latin American composers to travel back in time with works related to this time of year.


The first is Misa Criolla (1964) by Argentine composer Ariel Ramírez (1921-2010). It is one of the most recognized works of this Latin American composer.


The video shows the work performed at the Vatican in 2014 by Patricia Sosa on voice and Facundo Ramírez on piano.


At the same time, Ariel Ramírez composed Navidad Nuestra (1964), with the lyrics of the Argentine historian and writer Félix Luna (1925-2009).

Festival Liederiadi 18 dicembre 2016 Palazzina liberty Milano


On the other hand, the carol En los brazos de la Luna (In the Arms of the Moon) by Alfonso Letelier (1912-1994), a twentieth-century Chilean composer focused mainly on the music of Gregorian and modal chant. In the video the work is performed by the Symphonic Choir of the University of Chile.



And finally, we recommend the work Auto Sacramental por Navidad, by the Chilean poet and researcher Fidel Sepúlveda (1936-2006) and the philosopher and musicologist Gastón Soublette (1927).


Concierto de Navidad: Autosacramental por Navidad de Fidel Sepúlveda y Gastón Soublette 2016 from Las Malvas on Vimeo.