Production of The Man of La Mancha of La Monnaie within 2019 novelties of Teatro Solís

At the launch of the season it was highlighted the own production of Teatro Solís: the opera La Revoltosa with Amelia Ochandiano régie and a tour of Rigoletto, production of the 2019 opera season at Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires.


Along with the cast of the National Comedy, Philharmonic Orchestra and Symphonic Band of Montevideo, the Teatro Solís announced this year four opera titles and a lyrical gala that makes up its 2019 season.  “We create and present an artistic proposals with a wide diversity of disciplines “ said Daniela Bouret, who opened the conference highlighting the presence of national dramatists such as Sandra Massera, María Dodera and Sergio Blanco; and the presence of foreign artists and playwrights such as Paco de la Zaranda, Albert Pla, Mauricio Kartun and Nuria Espert, among others, together with a great season of flamenco that begins on March 28.


Man of La Mancha will be presented for the first time in Latin America and is a co-production between the La Monnaie Theater and Théâtre de Liège that come together to relive the masterpiece of Cervantes and with translation by Jacques Brel. The stage directors,  Michael De Cock and Junior Mthombeni will lead some of their best singers from La Monnaie and will have a special participation of the Uruguayan Murgista “Smurf” Lombardo. An ode to the imagination, to poetry and to the impossible dreams that so long for our times.


The production of Teatro Solís La Revoltosa will be under the direction of the Spanish director, actress and producer, Amelia Ochandiano comments: “La Revoltosa is one of the most represented zarzuelas in Spain. The character was made, and the environment where the story unfolds, make the Revoltosa what we might call “a classic”, a classic of popular culture, because it contains in these two pillars, (the strength of the characters and the place of coexistence) the necessary elements to preserve the essence and evolve over time.


The lyrical season is composed by the productions of Teatro Solís: the Magic Flute and the Revoltosa, the Man of La Mancha, the Lyrical Gala of Nancy Fabiola Herrera accompanied by JORCAM and the Rigoletto tour, production 2019 of the Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires .


The general coordinator of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Montevideo, Alvaro Méndez, said that this year they will present “Proposals for less frequented works, with important presences, local and international”. The Pianíssimo festival, Romanticiso Sinfónico, a tribute to the 40th anniversary of León Biriotti and a tribute to Brazilian music, among others, stand out.


From the National Comedy, Marío Ferreira was expectant with this season, highlighting the production process that is “very rich and intense, always with an eye on the audience that receives it.” The titles of this season will have the direction of Richard Riveiro, Maria Mendive, Dan Jemmet, Ivo Pelay, Mario Ferreira, Diego Arbelo, Bernardo Trias, Jorge Denevi, Vika Fleitas and Marianella Morena.


Martín Jorge presented the season of the Montevideo Symphonic Band highlighting that his mission is “decentralized work, with great proposals for the neighborhoods of the city.” Light music, fantastic animals and Tchaikovsky Festival are some of the titles of the decentralized season. Bornquen of nostalgia will be another of the strong points in his classic night of August 24; This month will also bring Rigoletto as part of his lyrical season and the great closing of the year with La revoltosa.


In closing, the director of the Cultural Promotion division, Jorge Navratil, said “these instances are very important for our work, not only to show them what we have to offer this year, but also to render accounts to all citizens.”


Lyrical season:
The magic flute

  • August 16, 14, 16, 18
  • New production of the IM itself / Teatro Solís
  • Elenco: Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Musical direction Ligia Amadío

The Man of La Mancha

  • August 21, 22
  • Production of the La Monnaie Theater in Brussels in the FIDAE framework
  • Cast: Banda Sinfónica

Gala Lírica by Nancy Fabiola Herrera accompanied by JORCAM

  • August 27
  • Invited cast: Youth Orchestra of the Community of Madrid
  • Soloist Nancy Fabiola Herrera


  • September 13, 15, 17
  • Production 2019 of the Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires
  • Elenco: Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Director Martín Jorge

La revoltosa

  • December 18, 19, 20, 21
  • New own production IM / Teatro Solís
  • Elenco: Symphonic Band
  • Directs Martín Jorge
  • Stage director Amelia Ochandiano