Orfeo ed Euridice by Christoph Willibald Gluck, the new production of the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires

Orfeo & Eurídice, Teatro Colón 2019 © Prensa Teatro Colón – Máximo-Parpagnoli

With the direction of the scene and choreography of Carlos Trunsky and musical direction of the guest conductor Manuel Coves, the new production of the Teatro Colón debuts with a group of outstanding dancers and the Stable Choir of the Argentine Colosseum. The show on Sunday November 10 will be broadcast live through the theater’s website.


Orfeo ed Euridice, opera in three acts by German composer Christoph Willibald Gluck, with a libretto by Raniero Di Calzabigi, will be presented starting next Friday, November 8 at 8:00 p.m. in a new production of the Teatro Colón. The stage direction and choreography will be in charge of Carlos Trunsky, while the Spanish teacher Manuel Coves will lead to the Stable Orchestra of the Teatro Colón. Also, Orfeo ed Euridice will have the participation of the Stable Choir of Teatro Colón, directed by Miguel Fabián Martínez.

Canadian contractor Daniel Taylor will play the role of Orpheus, and sopranos Marisú Pavón and Ellen McAteer will be in the shoes of Euridice and Love, respectively.


The functions will be held on Friday8, Saturday 9 and Tuesday 12 November at 20:00 pm and Sunday 10 November at 17:00. In addition the function of this Sunday November 10 at 17 hrs. it will be broadcast live through www.teatrocolon.org.ar in the Live tab.


Orfeo ed Euridice, premiered on October 5, 1762 in Vienna, is inspired by the myth of Orpheus, Son of Calliope and heir of the Apollo lyre. In the words of the stage director himself, Carlos Trunsky, “Orpheus has the magical power of his art to free the Argonauts from the song of the sirens and go in search of Eurydice to the underworld and return alive. However, he dies tragically torn to pieces by preferring the love of men. The myth questions us in countless aspects: in the relationships between ego and art, love and sex, the failed and the loss, the transcendence of the soul …

Orfeo & Eurídice, Teatro Colón 2019 © Prensa Teatro Colón – Arnaldo Colombaroli

Orfeo & Eurídice, Teatro Colón 2019 © Prensa Teatro Colón – Arnaldo Colombaroli


Orpheus: Daniel Taylor

Eurydice: Marisú Pavón

Love: Ellen Mc Ateer


Guest dancers:

Corifeo at the Funeral of Eurydice: Emanuel Ludueña

First Cancerbero: Mauro S. Cacciatore

Second Cancerbero: Germán Haro

Third Cancerbero: Emilio Bidegain

Persephone: Teresa Marcaida

Corifeos in the blessed spirits: Matías Viera Falero, Juan D. Camargo

Corifeo del Cortejo of Love: Federico Amprino

Alleged Orpheus / Furies, Blessed Spirits and Courtship of Love: Emanuel Ludueña, Mauro S. Cacciatore, Matías Viera Falero, Juan D. Camargo, Federico Amprino, Julian I. Toledo, Gerardo Merlo, Federico Cáceres, José Benitez, Germán Haro, Emilio Bidegain.