Ópera de Tenerife opens inscriptions for auditions of its Opera (e) Studio 

The eighth edition of Opera (e) Studio will stage Il segreto marriage in co-production with two Italian theaters. In view of the present extraordinary emergency worldwide health situation, and given the mobility restrictions in force throughout Europe, the registration period will remain open until further notice.



Ópera de Tenerife opens the deadline to participate in the eighth edition of Opera (e) Studio, the academy of high specialization for young artists, a program shared with two theaters in Italy: Teatro Regio di Parma and Teatro Massimo di Palermo. In this edition the title chosen by the Ópera de Tenerife is Il Segreto Marriage of Domenico Cimarosa. In the auditions, which will take place in the two Italian theaters, in Auditorio de Tenerife and in the Escuela Superior de Canto de Madrid, young artists will be able to show the talent, quality and excellence of their work.


The team of professionals of Ópera de Tenerife will work with those selected from next September until the production of the opera, which will be performed in four functions, from October 22 to 25, 2020 in the Symphony Hall of Auditorio de Tenerife. Likewise, Il matrimonio segreto will be performed by the same cast of artists at the Teatro Regio di Parma and the Teatro Massimo di Palermo in 2021.


 In view of the present extraordinary emergency worldwide health situation, and given the mobility restrictions in force throughout Europe, Ópera de Tenerife is analyzing the best solution to carry out the Opera (e)Studio 2020 auditions.


Hence, with the intent of providing the best options to interested artists, and to avoid discriminating anyone by the present situation, details of the selection process will be communicated  shortly. Therefore, the registration period will remain open until further notice.


Should auditions be suspended or cancelled due to force majeure, all efforts will be made to reschedule them, and the registration fee will be refunded to candidates who cannot reschedule their audition on the new dates.


Candidates who present themselves to the selective process must interpret, according to the role to which each candidate is presented, the mandatory arias corresponding to the opera Il matrimonio segreto of Domenico Cimarosa; and two arias from other comic operas (or intermezzi) in Italian from Pergolesi, Galuppi, Piccinni, Paisiello, Cimarosa, Haydn, Salieri, Mozart or Rossini, of which one with recitative. All the arias, including the excerpts, of the role of the Il matrimonio segreto, must be sung by heart.


The singer may present more than one role and the titles that are requested for the five roles of this edition are: Geronimo (bass, baritone or bass-baritone) the aria Udite, tutti, udite, the recitative Questa invero è curious and the dueto Be trusted in Corpo avete; Elisetta (soprano or mezzosoprano) aria They are vendicara; Carolina (mezzosoprano or contralto) aria E vero che at home; Conte Robinson (bass, baritone or bass-baritone) the introduction entitled Cara, non dubitar, the recitative Or sappi, sposa mia and the Aryan Pria che spunti in ciel l’aurora.


For more information, the bases are available, being able to opt for any lyrical singer born from January 1, 1988.


The program of young artists of Ópera de Tenerife is aimed at providing holistic training and high specialization in the international lyric scene. In these eight editions, singers from more than 24 different nationalities have participated, including auditions and selected ones. Opera (e) Studio has been the showcase and trampoline of artists that today are a reality in the lyrical world.


Also, this has been one of the programs that since Ópera de Tenerife has given greater visibility to the work that is done in the production workshops of Auditorio de Tenerife, having obtained recognition of the Creative Europe European Commission program, which reflects the development, sustainability, job creation and training during 2019 and 2020.



may participate in Opera (e) Studio Any lyrical singer, regardless of their nationality born on January 1, 1988,.

Participants selected to play a role in previous editions of attend Opera (e) Studio may not the auditions of this edition.



Opera (e) Studio, the academy of comprehensive training for young artists of Ópera de Tenerife, opens the deadline to participate in the 2020 – 2021 edition with the production of Il matrimonio segreto.


If you want to participate you just have to read the rules and send the registration form to info@operadetenerife.com indicating in the subject of the message: “Name and surname of the participant – Role (s) – City chosen for the audition ”(for example“ Francisco Pérez – Conte Robinson / Geronimo – Madrid ”). The completed registration form must be in .doc, .docx or .rtf format. All other formats (pdf, jpg …) will not be accepted.


You will also have to attach the following files:

  1. ID or passport scan.
  2. A recent photograph of the face in .jpg format.
  3. Academic and artistic curriculum (1 document of max. 1 page in .doc, .docx or .rtf format).
  4. Pdf readable from the two arias of other operas (1 single pdf for each aria)
  5. Copy of the deposit of € 80 in favor of “Opera (e) Studio of Opera of Tenerife”. You can check all bank details and information in the bases below.


If you have any questions or queries we are at your disposal at info@operadetenerife.com or by phone at +34 922568600 ext. 179.


Terms and conditions (EN)

Regolamento (IT)

Registration form



At the time of the audition, singers must present all of the following arias:

  1. Depending on the role to which each candidate is presented, the corresponding compulsory arias of the opera Il marriage segreto by Domenico Cimarosa, which can be consulted in the rules. The reference edition will be Ricordi.
  2. Two arias in Italian at the election of the candidate of Pergolesi, Galuppi, Piccinni, Paisiello, Cimarosa, Haydn, Salieri, Mozart or Rossini, of which one with recitative.

All the arias, including excerpts from the role of Il Segreto Marriage, must be sung by heart.