Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Chile celebrates its 79 years with a free concert

January 7, 1941 the set was presented for first time officially front of the public. This milestone will be remembered on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 at 6:00 p.m. in the Aula Magna of the Manuel de Salas Lyceum, with a concert that will be directed by its titular director, master Rodolfo Saglimbeni.


79 years have passed since Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Chile offered his first concert on January 7, 1941 at Municipal de Santiago, under the leadership of his first titular teacher, Armando Carvajal. Thus, to commemorate a new year of life, the ensemble will offer a special anniversary concert, on Friday 10 and Saturday, January 11 at 6:00 p.m. in the Aula Magna of Manuel de Salas Experimental High School, under the baton of its current titular director, Venezuelan-Italian teacher, Rodolfo Saglimbeni.


The concert will feature the performance of two important works of the twentieth century, starting with Latin American Suite, by Chilean composer Luis Advis. Written for the Chilean chamber ensemble Hindemith, the play was first performed in 1976, being orchestrated 16 years later by Advis himself, a version that premiered in 1994 with Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Chile. The concertmaster of the ensemble, Alberto Dourthé, recalls that “it was quite impressive. Chilean music in general has novel aspects in the musical, technical and artistic sense. And the work of the master Advis comes, which impresses because it brings – for example – a milonga, a Peruvian waltz, a conga, or the ranch march, then the public received it impacted. In addition, it was a symphonic formation, that is, with written tradition, and that is apparently very important for the public. I think that influenced it to be received very well. ”


The work then became part of the group’s repertoire, being chosen as the best Chilean work in 1995, in addition to receiving the Víctor Tevah Prize in 1998. “I think it was chosen best work of the year because it is very beautiful, very melodious. Although it does not specifically take melodies from any composer, it does rescue airs from each of the countries in which it was inspired ”, and adds that“ each instrument can be highlighted in one way or another. It has a very important call to what our music is. ”

Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Chile © Patricio Melo - CEAC Universidad de Chile

Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Chile © Patricio Melo – CEAC Universidad de Chile

The program will continue with the suite The Firebird, by Igor Stravinsky. Released in 1910 at the Paris Opera under the direction of Gabriel Pierné, it was the first commission that the composer received from Diaghilev for the Russian Ballets in Paris. The choreography was in charge of Michel Fokine, who also adapted the libretto, based on a Russian folk tale that tells the adventures of Prince Ivan. He chases a flaming bird and falls into the domain of the evil demigod Katschei, who tries to turn it into stone, but his daughters and thirteen captive princesses frustrate his intentions and the Firebird finally defeats him, freeing all prisoners. It is one of the most popular works of the composer, where the features and innovations that would later make him one of the most important figures of twentieth-century music are announced. 


Thus, with these works the orchestra is preparing to commemorate another year by carrying out its great work of dissemination of national authors, universal and contemporary classics, work that has led it to be considered National Heritage, rising today as the set of greatest trajectory of the country, with a high international prestige for its artistic quality. 


The concert will be free, with limited spaces, upon registration through the mail ceacuchile@gmail.com.