Gran Teatro Nacional presents a study on the users of its platforms in times of pandemic

The study measured the ways of approaching consumption, trends in content, percentages of acceptance, preferences in the use of access devices and the new challenges of theater in the audiovisual field. The results of the study will be presented today at 8:00 pm in Peru through the fanpage of Gran Teatro Nacional.



To the health emergency worldwide and the subsequent start of compulsory social immobilization because of the Covid – 19, and in order not lose contact with your audience, and Gran Teatro Nacional of the Ministry of Culture of Peru Lanzor last March its platform “GTN en Vivo”, a digital alternative to continue enjoying the performing arts from home.


Once implemented a platform, it began realizar an assessment to recognize the profiles of the various digital audiences and their experiences with this new service, in the context of health emergency facing the country. Isasíthatmong on 27  March and May 12 were measured and followed closely analytical thrown this platform and social networks also was one survey  of user profile and satisfaction applied, the document the main ways of approaching consumption, the trends for viewing its contents, acceptance rates, preferences in the use of access devices and new challenges for the institution in the audiovisual field.


Obviously, performing arts consumption is constant changed or and now it essential create synergy between face and digital strategies. The implementation of GTN LIVE –which has registered studied–in the period more than 204,000 views and 40,000 users is a way of learning to achieve a dynamic of permanent interaction through artistic content.


As this new logic of scope and connectivity – and the recordings now require strict compliance with health and safety protocols – the perspective of the Grand National Theater is to design innovative digital products, framed in a strategy that paves the way for future consumers of performing and musical arts.


The implementation of GTN LIVE also implies challenges and lines of action, considering the first and most urgent: reaching audiences from all regions of the country through the advantages of approaching a digital proposal. 


Thus, this first study shares results that can serve as a guide for the entire cultural sector and especially for the performing arts, providing statistics, profiles and consumer analysis to make decisions and learn a little more about the person’s profile. which is behind the screen.


To learn more about this study you can download it. Likewise, we invite you to be part of the presentation and discussion about this study, which will include the participation of Javier Ibacache, Head of the Programming and Public Unit of the Ministry of Arts and Cultures of Chile, Patricia Villanueva, Curator of Projects Educational and Digital Content of the Museum of Art of Lima – Mali, Domingo Seminar, Director of Operations and User Experience of Joinnus, Santiago Alfaro, General Director of Cultural Industries and Arts of the Ministry of Culture of Peru and Melissa Giorgio, Coordinator of the Area of Publics of the Great National Theater. The appointment is this Tuesday, June 30 at 8pm.

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Download the study here