National Foundation of the Arts of Brazil announces new opera support fund

The initiative is created one year after the signing of an agreement for the promotion of opera in Brazil between OLA and Special Secretariat of Culture of Brazil. The National Programme will have an investment of more than 600 thousand dollars.


February 4, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Fundação Nacional das Artes de Brasil (FUNARTE), deputy department of the Secretariat Special of Culture of Brazil, announced the creation of the new National Opera Support Programme, which will invest R $ 3 million (USD 695,000) for development and consolidation of the Brazilian opera sector.


The event was attended by managers and opera producers, employees of the institution and partners. The president, director Dante Mantovani, presented projects and actions to be discussed with the opera sector, through this new initiative. Its guidelines were formulated based on the experiences recorded in the meetings, promoted by official institutions and by civil society, professionals and academics linked to opera in recent years.


The director of the FUNARTE Music Center, Bernardo Guerra, spoke about the event and the importance of this dialogue with the representatives of the operatic area. “FUNARTE held this meeting with opera leaders in Brazil (including theatre directors and opera festivals, composers, directors, directors and specialized media), to fulfill their role in the promotion of the art in the country. It is very important that the resources applied by FUNARTE for the National Opera Network are in line with the wishes and needs of the sector’s production chain, ”said Bernardo.


According to classical music coordinator FUNARTE, Maria Luiza Nobre, the initiative to launch a programme dedicated exclusively to opera is praised. “It is the first time that FUNARTE, under the direction of President Dante Mantovani, launches an opera announcement with the presence of the most expressive personalities of the sector in the country. This meeting, here in Rio de Janeiro, demonstrates how much the president of FUNARTE re-established a precious connection with this important musical segment in Brazil, ”said María Luiza. 


FUNARTE’s  new initiative will be based on a series of actions that are hope to support the lyrical sector such as the creation of Opera Coordination at Centro da Música, the implementation of a specific public policy for opera, the mapping of the sector at national level, the creation of National Opera Network, to encourage the production of operas by Brazilian composers, support for the new creation, renovation and modernization of technical centres, in addition to training and qualification, the promotion of a series of training actions aimed at the qualification, improvement and recycling of the different professionals involved in the opera production chain.


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