The Auditorio Nacional del SODRE in Montevideo presents its 2022 season

The Sodre presented its Season 2022, in an event that had the artistic directors of each cast and the artists themselves as figures, presenting in detail their programming for the next year and accompanying with artistic interventions that brought together, in less than two hours, more than 300 artists on stage in the Eduardo Fabini room. The 2021 management report was also presented at the event and the sale of the Sodre 2022 Pass was announced, which this year adds a new point of sale.


Martín Inthamoussu, president of Sodre, was in charge of opening the event and he did so by presenting some relevant milestones at the management level that marked the year 2021, developing them in three axes: artistic and academic, communication and community and territorial development.


In the artistic field, 746 shows stood out in the different rooms (representing a growth of 221% in relation to 2020), 89,578 viewers (108% more than 2020), 71 virtual contents generated (15% more than 2020) and 32 programs transmitted by Channel 5 (100% more than 2020).


In academic matters, it stands out that 519 students of dance, lyrical singing and music are enrolled in the National School of Artistic Training of Sodre (ENFAS) and 3,500 children and young people are in the program One child, One instrument. In addition, the president of Sodre highlighted the Training of Trainers program, the work and exhibitions carried out by the National Archive of the Image and the Word (ANIP), the creation of the National School of Music and the recognition of ENFAS as a level institution tertiary (which on December 9 had the approval of the first career, contemporary dance, which allows those who graduate to be Technicians in Contemporary Dance and will continue with the other careers).



In relation to communication, another great area of ​​work that has been sought to promote, stands out the redesign and unification of the Sodre brand, in which work was done on the logo, updating and giving it versatility, and allowing the construction of a identity system capable of covering all the edges of the institution. Along with this change came the creation of a new website where it is possible to find all the contents of the institution’s auditoriums, schools and virtual projects.


Within the field of communication, the creation of a study of audiences also stands out in 2021, which allowed us to know which people are those who approach Sodre’s proposals and who are not arriving at its rooms today. In addition, it was the beginning of these studies, which will be repeated year after year. On the other hand, the incorporation of a CRM stands out, which makes Sodre the first public body to incorporate this type of management systems for the relationship with its users.


In terms of community and territorial development, the programs of visits to the Adela Reta National Auditorium stand out, through which they have passed: 4,874 people in the rehearsals open to the public, 740 people who made guided visits, 240 people visited the spring break proposals , 180 those carried out for the heritage day and 1066 witnessed the peripherals prior to the functions. In addition, 711 boys and girls came to the theater with the proposal of Rural Schools to the Auditorium together with the Directorate of Education of the MEC.


Another great line of development has been that of work on inclusion and accessibility policies. In the words of Martín Inthamoussu, this has been “a beacon” for the institution, indicating that “if Sodre is going to be for everyone, then let it be for everyone, and not exclude anyone.” Along this path, the inclusion and accessibility commission was formed, which has already taken many measures, among which the incorporation of an audio description system stands out, which has been in operation since last December 15, the day on which the ballet The Nutcracker.


Finally, on the one hand, the festivals carried out together with the National Directorate of Culture were also highlighted, functioning as a way to support independent artists in the exit from the pandemic and, on the other hand, the sustainability policies betting on a green and circular economy, announcing that the theaters of the institution will be equipped with a CO2 measurement device, which will allow the measurement of air quality. And from 2022, all this will allow us to start measuring the environmental impact of Sodre.


2022 season


The event continued with the presentations of the different casts, previewing parts of some of the shows that they will do next year and with speeches by their artistic directors presenting what will be the year 2022.


Below are some outstanding productions from each cast and the ANIP. The complete schedule is available on the Sodre website.



Challenges and management


Claudio Aguilar, Counselor of Sodre, dedicated his oratory to what has been the territorial management and the challenges that Sodre has ahead in this area.


El Sodre held 37 performances throughout the country in 2021, impacting 9075 spectators across the country. These performances included localities in which Sodre had never been, such as Tomas Gomensoro (artigas) or Quebracho (Paysandú), among many other cities and towns.


In the quest to reach new audiences, Sodre signed an agreement with the Uruguayan Football Association, by which, among other things, all the qualifying matches had the anthems performed live by the National Youth Orchestra, impacting in thousands of viewers in person and hundreds of thousands through television transmission.


The Board of Directors of Sodre met, during this 2021, in different cities throughout the territory, also generating meetings with cultural references from each locality, artists and authorities and listening to what each community has to add or generate together with Sodre. Council sessions were held in the cities of: Trinidad, Durazno, Minas, Maldonado and Treinta y Tres.


Aguilar indicated that our commitment is to take the institution to the largest number of audiences possible, to reach places where it was not reached before or where it had not been reached many decades ago. That art and culture, does not remain in this emblematic place (Adela Reta National Auditorium), but that it reaches the territory with greater amplitude and equal opportunities.


The vice president of Sodre, Adela Dubra, delved into programming, assessing the post-pandemic process and expanding on the artists and private productions that Sodre will receive by 2022.



El Sodre, during this year, gave its rooms to national artists at zero cost, as a way to support and encourage one of the sectors that were hard hit by the Covid pandemic.


2022 will be a year of many outstanding productions, among which can be communicated are “El Ardor” (a play starring Juana Viale) and the musicals Chicago and Madame Tango. In addition, through an agreement with DAECPU, the Nelly Goitiño Auditorium will have a carnival, thus adding to the tablados circuit throughout Montevideo.


Other prominent names that will pass through the main room are: Ruben Rada, Francis Andreu, Ismael Serrano, Kevin Johansen, Marisa Monte, Joshua Bell, Ara Malikian and Numa Moraes along with Eduardo Fernández, among several others. In addition, as part of FIDAE, you can enjoy the Nuestra festival, with shows based on works by Uruguayan artists. In the Hugo Balzo hall there will also be: the Quinteto Néstor Vaz, Los buenos manners, the Trío Ventana and the International Circus Festival, as well as the return of Montevideo Comics, filling all the spaces of the Auditorium with young people.


A novelty for 2022 will be the incorporation of a cycle called Sala de Comediantes, in which names such as Luciana Acuña and Marcel Keoroglian will pass, incorporating humor into Sodre’s proposals.