Outstanding artists and a tribute to Leonard Cohen head 2019 of Teatro del Lago

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Established artists, interdisciplinary works, emerging stars, creative performing arts and four festivals are part of the commitment of content for the next season of the Teatro del Lago. The alliances with the Royal Opera House and the Royal Academy of Dance, Santiago a Mil, Puerto de Ideas, Foji, Matucana 100 and Qué Leo Frutillar bookstore stand out



“The content we have prepared for 2019 is diverse and connected to the world, through topics that matter to us and exceptional artists, our own productions and national and international artists. In its entirety, is an invitation to lookthe world increasingly in a new way, interested in what we know orknow, to give you a live curiosity space”says Carmen Gloria Larenas, artistic director of Teatro del Lago, with regard to the spirit that will characterize this season, which once again has the support of Empresas Transoceánica, Fundación Mustakis and Fundación Ibáñez-Atkinson.


With an emphasis on the creation of national and international artists in the field of music and dance this Thursday October 18 Fundación Teatro del Lago unveiled its new season, in a day that was also marked by the premiere of the new visual image of the theater .


Continuing with the series of historical visits, the German violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter accompanied by Mutter Virtuosi will be presented to celebrate the nine years of Teatro del Lago. A musical phenomenon that, for more than 40 years, has been part of the seasons of the most important concert halls in the world, leaving its mark on the scene of classical music as a soloist, mentor and visionary. Winner four times of the Grammy® Prize, she was discovered by famed director Herbert von Karajan at age 13 and, since then, her career has been unstoppable. The artist has stood out especially for her commitment to contemporary music. In addition, for some years he has his own foundation with which he supports the development of young talents, a concern he shares with Teatro del Lago. His interpretation of The Four Seasons by A. Vivaldi is one of the most internationally acclaimed.


Evelyn Glennie will also be part of the celebration of the ninth anniversary of Teatro del Lago. Considered much more than an artist and percussionist, she is an opinion leader in matters of inclusion and diversity throughout the world. Glennie developed her love for music at an early age, losing her hearing at age 12. That was not an impediment to continue a career during which he has strived to arrive with music and his vision of it to all audiences, knocking down all kinds of obstacles and being an important part of his mission to teach the world to listen.


Another of the outstanding artists of 2019 will be Pablo Ferrández, virtuoso Spanish cellist, recognized by important musicians and with a great ability to reach younger audiences, thanks to his artistic personality and communication power according to the times. A rising star that today is presented in the most important halls of the world with a Stradivarius of the Nippon Music Foundation, one of the oldest existing cellos, dated from 1696, and that was previously used by Gregor Piatigorsky and belonged to Janos Starker, two of the most famous cellists in history. Ferrández was chosen to receive this instrument by a jury composed of eminent musicians and musicologists, chaired by the famous director Lorin Maazel. Also, the great director Christoph Eschenbach has described him as “the most important young cellist of the moment. He has everything: a splendid technique, a deep musicality and an overwhelming charisma. “


Dance Me, a This show, inspired by the work of the Canadian poet, novelist and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen -an idea adopted by the artist himself during his lifetime- entrusted to choreographers Andonis Foniadakis, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa and Ihsan Rustem, also arrives this season at Teatro del Lago, the hand of the company of contemporary dance Ballets Jazz de Montreal. Founded in 1972, it is directed by Louis Robitalle since 1978, who has given it a label focused on creating for a curious audience that is willing to discover new languages ​​and choreographic proposals. With a repertoire composed of works by artists such as Crystal Pite, Aszure Barton and Benjamin Millepied, the company is currently working on multidisciplinary creations that unite ballet, theater, screenings and music.


The Chilean soprano currently resident in Germany, Catalina Bertucci, will make her debut at Teatro del Lago in June, in a lyrical recital with one of the most important accompanist pianists in the world, the Austrian Helmut Deutsch. Bertucci has been awarded in different international competitions and has presented in important scenarios. The Austrian pianist, for his part, worked for twelve years with Hermann Prey and, subsequently, has collaborated permanently with Jonas Kaufmann, Diana Damrau and Michael Volle, among other world-renowned artists. To deepen the impact of your visit to Teatro del Lago, Helmut Deutsch will also offer a master class of international conventions for those who develop in this discipline.


The English Baroque Soloists, directed by the prestigious English musician of long career, John Eliot Gardiner, will make his debut at Teatro del Lago with a program that includes Monteverdi, Scarlatti and Carissimi. The outstanding director is world-renowned, among other things, for being founder and artistic director of Monteverdi Choir, English Baroque Soloists and Orchester Révolutionnaire et Romantique. The baroque music ensemble is considered one of the most important period instrument orchestras in the world.


During 2019, as is characteristic of this space, the artistic-educational synergy will continue to have a privileged place with the premiere of its own productions, such as Coppélia, Pedrito and el Lobo and La Chamaniñalion and the old sea.


Also, the season will feature five artists in residence who will transmit their experience and knowledge to the educational community of Teatro del Lago: the contemporary circus Australian company Circa, world leader in its discipline, which will work with students of Circo Frutillar , program managed by the Mustakis Foundation; the Spanish choreographer Avatâra Ayuso, one of the creators and researchers who is giving a talk in the European artistic world; the theatrical designer Claudia Yolin, one of the most outstanding artists in her profession in the national environment; Esdras Hernández, young Spanish-Chilean creator, who has produced for Teatro del Lago the complete versions of theballets Nutcracker and Coppélia for the School of Dance and that will enhance his work in this space with the company La Llave Maestra; and the virtuoso Spanish musician, Adrià Barbosa.


Numerous are the artists who have been inspired by Pedrito and the Wolf, providing the most diverse versions, and this season will also have its own world premiere in Frutillar, by the Spanish choreographer Esdras Hernández and the artists of the object theater company ; The Master Key, Edurne Rankin and Álvaro Morales, a work created especially for Teatro del Lago and its dance and instrumental schools, directed by Macarena Montecino and Luis Damian Ortiz, respectively.


There are several creators who will be part of the team that will take to the stage the proposal that Teatro del Lago will present for Semana Santa, and that will unite in Tronador Space its dance, instrumental and choral schools, to premiere in Chile, Sunrise Mass del composer and Norwegian pianist Ola Gjeilo, with the coregráfica creation of the Spanish Avatâra Ayuso, who visits our country for the first time. They will be joined by the talent of Chilean director, international career, Paolo Bortolameolli. To this show, theconcert will be added Transfiguration, by the Ensemble de Teatro del Lago, which will perform works by Schubert, Bach, Fauré and Reinecke.


For its part, the award-winning composer, pianist and director Adrià Barbosa, who lives in New York, will come to the creative city of music to present the work La chamaniña and el viejo lobo de mar, in the traditional school choir event You Can Sing , performed by Teatro del Lago with the support of the Ibáñez-Atkinson Foundation and led by the Catalan Quim Piqué, director of the Choral School of theater. Barbosa noted for his skills in a wide range of styles ranging from classical music to jazz.


Likewise, the Teatro del Lago Dance School, directed by Macarena Montecino, will present the premiere of theballet Coppélia with choreography by Esdras Hernández, the stage design and costumes of the talented national designer Pablo Núñez and the lighting design by Claudia Yolin. And as it is already tradition, in Teatro del Lago and in the theater of the world, theballet will be presented in December Cascanueces, also in its own production.


During the summer fado arrives for the first time at Teatro del Lago in the voice of Paulina Muñoz and the virtuous guitarists Jorge Prado, Eugenio González and Marcelo Córdova. The musicians will offer a program of classic fados from the repertoire of Amalia Rodrigues and Carlos Do Carmo, together with works by other Portuguese composers.


Flamenco is one of the favorite genres of Teatro del Lago’s audience and this season it will be with Simply Flamenco, a traditional flamenco piece, which refers to the “Café Cantante”, the golden age of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries , directed by the outstanding national bailaora, Carola Cussen, who appears with Juan Aguirre, Camilo Portales, Lydia Sabet, Julian Herreros, Daniel Remedy and Felipe Candia.


The flamenco showalso be presented Estado Puro will, with the star Alba Heredia, who is presented for the first time in Chile. Heredia was born in Sacromonte and was baptized by the Duchess of Alba. The artist belongs to one of the most important dynasties in the world of flamenco: she is the niece of the great masters Manolete, Mario Maya, Juan Maya Marote and cousin of Iván Vargas. He is currently between Granada and Seville preparing various projects such as his trip to Madrid and Japan for the festival that will be held in memory of Paco de Lucía.


This year for the first time, Teatro del Lago joins Santiago a Mil in a show that will refresh the way of seeing the circus: Concierto para dos clowns, by the French company Le Rois Vagabonds. His creations range from acrobatics to music, through dance and gestural theater.


The premiere of Greta also arrives at the Teatro del Lago stage as a way to add new titles to the national theater billboard. A montage that is born from the result of a research on the whale ecosystem with those who are currently investigating the issue in our country. This project follows the line of the Science + Arts + Audiences program, in which framewas released Replica in 2018. The work takes the title of the whale that is protected in the National Museum of Natural History in Santiago, and that is considered the most important cetacean famous locally The text is by Ximena Carrera, the address is by Constanza Brieba and will feature performances by Coca Guazzini, Kathy Salosny and Carmina Riego.


Arpeggione, production of Matucana 100, also lands on the stage of Teatro del Lago. The play, starring the actors Claudia Cabezas and Nicolás Zárate, and directed by Jesús Urqueta, shows two musicians who, while rehearsing the Sonata in La Minor for cello and piano, by F. Schubert, undertake an artistic dialogue that leads to the audience to two internal trips.


History is a powerful actor that dynamizes and enhances artistic expression. That is what will mark the work The Children of Winnipeg, from the hand of the company The Master Key. Through a theatrical story, Teatro del Lago will remember the two thousand refugees who traveled in the Winnipeg and Pablo Neruda, manager that made this feat possible. 80 years after the arrival of this iconic ship, the artists will invite the public to also approach this ship, through a magnificent narrative that will awaken the imagination of the spectators.


Along with the award-winning New Zealand company, Trick of the Light Theater, will arrive atLake Theater The Bookbinder (The Bookbinder), a story of mystery and magic that plays with shadows, paper art, puppets and music. The work has received numerous awards, including the Best Theater, Best in the Fringe and Tiki Tour Ready Award at New Zealand Fringe Festival 2014, the International Excellence Award at Sydney Fringe Festival 2014 and the BDO Children’s Theater Award at Fringe World 2015. show that unites the universe of literature with theater, for curious children and adventurous adults.


One of the emblematic works of Camille Saint-Saëns, The Canaval of Animals, will arrive at Teatro del Lago with the staging of the famous Australian circus company Circa. With performances in more than 39 countries, their shows bring together the best of dance, theater and the circus world. That is what they will show in the classic work of the French composer, which will bring to the stage the most varied terrestrial and marine creatures.


As a resident artist during 2019, Circa willalso work with the students of Circo Frutillar, a project led by the Mustakis Foundation in order to strengthen the skills and knowledge of these young people.


Another experience to enjoy as a family will be Flights of the Spanish company Aracalandaza, a contemporary dance show that aims to encourage the enjoyment of the senses. The work will give the public a fascinating universe through imagination and dance, and will transform it into magic.


For its part, the Ensemble Teatro del Lago, after its successful season 2018 that included concerts at the Solís Theater in Montevideo, will have a 2019 with a varied repertoire that will go from baroque to pop. During the summer, always in the key of chamber music with arrangements specially designed for this group, will offer a tribute to The Beatles, the passion of tango and will be presented with Andrea Motis, a rising star of jazz that, with only 23 years , amazes with his musical maturity. Motis began playing the trumpet at age 7, and 3 years later he began his jazz studies. It has been presented with the likes of trombonist Wycliffe Gordon, saxophonists Jesse Davis and Dick Oatts, and clarinetist Bobby Gordon. The other outstanding musicians that will accompany them in this concert will be Christoff Mallinger, in violin and mandolin; Martin Heinzle on double bass; Federico Dannemann, on guitar; and Sergio Krakowski in pandeiro.


The year will continue with the concerts Women: They say, a show that will pay homage to Sylvia Soublette, for her contribution to the Chilean creation and her dedication to train new generations of musicians. They will also offer the concert Los padres de la música, dedicated to composers essential for the development of this art throughout history; and Spanish Passion, which will bring to Teatro del Lago all the energy of the music of the Iberian country, which emerged with strength in the symphonic world in the 20th century.


An intervention of the public space will be the audio-speaking naps À L’ombre des Ondes (In the shadow of the waves) by the duo Kristoff K.Roll. It is an invitation to daydream where, reclining on chairs, carpets and headphones, the audience can be carried away by the electroacoustic improvisations that they listen to, interspersed with dream stories that will be collected the previous days with the community. The musicians carry out this work since 2007 and, thus, they have formed a sound library. This will not only be a live experience for the public, but will also serve to collect the dreams of Frutillar, the creative city of music.


To celebrate the Day of the book, the reading will also have a space in the Teatro del Lago season. Thanks to an alliance with Qué Leo Frutillar bookstore, abe made Reading willfor all, where the students of the region and the community will have a leading role.


In the area of ​​improvement, during the summer at Teatro del Lago various courses will be taught guided by leading international artists: the prestigious Italian mezzo-soprano, Luciana D’Intino, principal teacher of the Accademia Alla Scalla in Milan; Santi Serratosa, director of SSM BigHand, who will perform a body percussion course; Tobias Hug, founding member of EVA (European Voices Association) and Mark Messenger, head of strings of the Royal College of Music. Likewise, it will be held, as every year, the Master Course of Chamber Music with famous musicians of international orchestras.


Not only artistic and educational shows will mark the 2019 season of Teatro del Lago. Increasingly, this scenario has become a space that, from regions, opens its doors to the world of education, innovation and social development. This is how, during the next year, Teatro del Lago will again host the meeting of creative leadership in education, Puelche; the talk of innovation, creativity and change in elBulli will be held; and will also receive part of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC), a true summit of the dialogue for the development of nations. “We are proud to be not only a pole of cultural development, but also a meeting place for ideas and debate with a view to building a better society,” said Fernando Ortúzar, executive director of Fundación Teatro del Lago.


Season 2019 Teatro del Lago de Frutillar