Debut de ópera barroca en el Festival de Verano San Lorenzo de El Escorial

Yo, Farinelli, el capón premieres at the Summer Festival of the Teatro Auditorio San Lorenzo de El Escorial and has the stage direction of Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón. Farinelli is played by Miguel Rellán accompanied by the contractor Carlos Mena and the musical group Forma Antiqva under the baton of Aaron Zapico.

The Summer Festival of the Teatro Auditorio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial presents the absolute premiere of Yo, Farinelli, el capón, ashow baroque musical theater starring actor Miguel Rellán and the contractor Carlos Mena. The assembly, which can be seen on Wednesday, August 7 at 8:00 p.m., has the stage direction of Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, who has also created the dramatic text from the novel of the same name by Jesús Ruiz Mantilla. The musical direction is in charge of Aaron Zapico who will guide the prestigious musical ensemble Forma Antiqva.

Yo, Farinelli, el capón is a show that, through a monologue played by Miguel Rellán, relives the last days of Carlo Broschi (1705-1782), better known as Farinelli, the greatest castrato singer of all time. The work includes his arrival at the court of Felipe V in Spain – where he would stay 22 years – and reviews his life and career with that time axis as the center. Farinelli was at the service of the first Bourbon and his son, Fernando VI, and was in charge of introducing the great art of opera in Spain. In this unique scenic piece, the memories of the famous castrato are mixed with the five arias that Felipe V sang every night at La Granja or in Aranjuez and that will sound live thanks to the voice of the contractor Carlos Mena and the music of Forma Antiqva.

Miguel Rellán y el contratenor Carlos Mena

The result is an original assembly that, in addition, involves the return to the stages of Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón. A different show, nothing to use, in which it goes to the root of the theater soberly – through the monologue of a great actor – but imaginative and suggestive through the music of the time. In the words of the writer Jesús Ruiz Mantilla: “I always wanted to conceive for this story of the most famous castra singer of all time something special. To think about it I aligned myself with that art and life sage that is Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón. Together we conceived an idea that we thought fit the nature of the work and that at the same time it was different, original. This is how we shaped a concept that we could define as a baroque musical theater “

In Yo, Farinelli, el capón, Miguel Rellán embodies to an already twilight Farinelli, narrating his amazing and attractive life since his retirement in Bologna, on a journey through childhood memories and his castration in Naples, his triumphs in Venice and in the European courts, his transformation into what was the first divo of history and his retirement in Spain from Felipe V, where he cured the king’s melancholy with his singing. The show shows the testimony of a character who marked a before and after in the history of music and had great prominence in the European and Spanish baroque. “A prisoner of his paradox, with the body of a man and the voice of a woman, which is a metaphor for ambiguity in this 21st century, where genres and natures are confused in a continuous enrichment of tolerance and art for which Farinelli it is a recognizable symbol and still to be claimed in our country. It was not in vain that he was the introducer in the large Bourbon court of an art form that has come to this day: opera, “says Ruiz Mantilla.

After its absolute premiere at the Summer Festival in Teatro Auditorio San Lorenzo de El Escorial, the show will be presented at the Santander International Festival on August 9.
In addition to Yo, Farinelli, el capón, the Summer Festival hosts the premiere in the Community of Madrid of Antigone, the new Victor Ullate Ballet with Lucía Lacarra as the protagonist (August 8); and the absolute premiere of the visual concert Yo, piano with works by Carlos Bianchini (August 9).