Ana Moura, Cuca Roseta and Fábia Rebordão at the X Edition of the International Fado Festival

This Saturday, September 26, the 10th Edition of the Madrid International Fado Festival will be held at the Teatro Real, which will feature concerts by Ana Moura, Cuca Roseta and Fábia Rebordão.


The Madrid Fado Festival will dedicate the programming of its X Edition to pay tribute to the great diva of the Portuguese genre, Amália Rodrigues, in the year that commemorates the centenary of her birth.


For this important event, a day has been designed in which different disciplines will have room that will try to bring the figure of the artist closer to the viewer.


Throughout the day you can visit the exhibition “Amália Rodrigues” created by the Museum of Fado and the EGEAC with photographs and texts related to the Portuguese diva. There will also be two conferences on Amália offered by experts Jorge Fernando and Tiago Torres da Silva. Before the music, two emblematic films of the Luso genre “The Art of Amália” by Bruno de Almeiday and “Amália o Filme” by Carlos Coelho da Silva will be shown. As the culmination of the festival, three great female voices will offer two concerts: Fábia Rebordão (5.30pm Orchestra Hall), Cuca Roseta (7.00pm Main Hall) and Ana Moura (9.30pm Main Hall).


About the artists  




Ana Moura’s return to Madrid will be marked by a different and unforgettable show.


Ana Moura performs a concert with a repertoire that is not usually part of her shows and with some re-readings of the Amália Rodrigues songbook in the legendary Teatro Real hall. It is probably one of the last opportunities to see Ana Moura on stage, before the arrival of the new album, the new songs and the new show.


September 26: Ana Moura- Voice: Ana Moura- Portuguese guitar: Ângelo Freire -Viola Fado: Pedro Soares- Acoustic bass: André Moreira Keyboard: João Gomes -Percussion- Mário Costa -9.30 pm, Main room.




Cuca Roseta is one of the most acclaimed and applauded voices in fado. His voice and his enormous talent have conquered many of the most important stages in the world.


After five albums published, in which the production signature of Gustavo Santaolalla or Nelson Motta stands out, Cuca Roseta now presents an album and a show entirely dedicated to Amália Rodrigues. More than a tribute by Cuca Roseta to the greatest voice of fado, it is, above all, a personal gratitude to a woman and a work that, from the first moment, became a fundamental support for her artistic growth as a fado player.


September 26: Cuca Roseta- Obrigada Amália-Voice-: Cuca Roseta – Portuguese Guitar: Sandro Costa – Viola Fado: Tuniko Goulart- Acoustic Bass: Marino de Freitas -Piano: Rubén Alves -Percussion- Ivo Costa- 7:00 p.m., Main room.




It is considered, unanimously, one of the leading voices of the new fado.


Cousin of Amália Rodrigues, Fábia Rebordão begins to sing regularly in fado houses. Since then, many have considered that the singer “has the same bitterness in her voice as Amália” She now presents herself to the public with a renewed image and energy in the year of the release of her third album of originals.


In the new show by Fábia Rebordão, some themes from the new album and the most emblematic fados of Amália Rodrigues will be addressed.  In the year of commemoration of the centenary of Amália’s death, the presence of a moment of tribute to the greatest voice of fado ever would be inevitable.


September 26: Fábia Rebordão Voice: Fábia Rebordão – Portuguese guitar: Bruno Chaveiro – Viola Fado: Jorge Fernando -Acoustic bass: José Ganchinho 5.30 pm, Orchestra room.




10:00 Opening Exhibition- Foyer



11:00 Conference -Carlos III Room *

Jorge Fernando- “El Fado and Amália” -50 min  


12:00 Cinema-Cinema Room *

Amália o Filme- by Carlos Coelho da Silva- 120 min  


15:00 Conference- Carlos III Room *

Tiago Torres da Silva- “Amália and Poetry” 50 min  


16:00 Cinema- Cinema Room *

Art Of Amália -by Bruno de Almeida- 90 min  


17:30 concert-Orchestra Hall

Fábia Rebordão-90 min  


19:00 concert-Main Hall

Cuca Rosette-90 min  


21:30 concert-Main Hall

Ana Moura-90 min  


* Free entry capacity of 50 people until full capacity is reached