5 tips to create and improve your resume

Sorting the text of your CV, first listing only the most recent experiences or taking into account the amount of information to include are some of the tips that the music manager of the Ibáñez Atkinson Foundation, Andrés Rodríguez Spoerer, left in the last online talk organized by OLA and Escena Digital.


In order to support the integral development of the members of Escena Digital, the Curriculum Creation and Improvement Workshop was held by Andrés Rodríguez Spoerer, Music Manager of the Ibáñez Atkinson Foundation. During the activity, methods and forms were explored to present in the best possible way the professional career of singers, conductors or any other artistic discipline.


Here are some tips to remember:


  • Make sure the CV is one page, with a small photo in the same document, plus all the contact information.


  • The newest things are listed first, ideally no more than 5 years old.


  • Only mention names of people who can really help you professionally.


  • Less information is better than more: long lists of information that are not important harm more than they help.


  • Information arranged in columns and rows grouped into categories.


Check out the full conversation here: