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October 25, 2019: First World Opera Day

The launch event will be at the Opéra National du Rhin in Strasbourg, France.

It has alliances such as UNESCO and the International Theater Institute.

It seeks to show the contribution of opera to society and raise awareness about the value of this art form.


World Opera Day is the first international commemoration to honor the genre that has 400 years of existence. The initiative is being organized in a joint effort by the opera associations OPERA America, Opera Europa and Ópera Latinoamérica, also joining organizations such as UNESCO and the International Theater Institute (ITI).


The commemoration of October 25 will be linked to a campaign in which theaters from around the world will participate spreading actions and programs dedicated to giving notoriety to the contribution of the opera, under the motto World Opera Day complemented with the hashtag #DiaMundialDeLaOpera, # Discover LaOpera, #WorldOperaDay and #LoveOpera.


Latin America has not wanted to fall behind this tremendous initiative, so the Communications Committee, led by various OLA member theaters, has prepared a digital campaign that will be joined by more than 35 theaters in the network.

In this regard, it is important to note that OLA recorded that in 2018 77% of its members manufactured their own operas. 100 lyrical productions were scheduled, of which 20% were family titles, showing the theater’s commitment to new audiences. In the same way, and in search of knowing the state of the institutions in the region, the Organization carried out a study in which it is highlighted that the Region has 400 theaters for over 600 seats, 153 Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestras, 178 music conservatories and more than 50 annual opera festivals. Discovering, in turn, that 66% of theaters surveyed schedule opera annually, which shows the contingency of this genre and the wide possibilities of cooperation that still exist in the Region.


The celebration of this October 25 as the first World Opera Day is a symbol of union and strength among people, artists, managers and institutions that work every day for the development of this genre. Thus contributing to the evolution of the capacity of the human being to generate dialogue, collaborative work and art.

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#DiaMundialDeLaOpera #DiscoverLaOpera #WorldOperaDay #LoveOpera