Dulce Rosa se estrena en el Auditorio del Sodre de Uruguay

Dulce Rosa, production in partnership with Los Angeles Opera House with the Youth Orchestra of Auditorio Nacional Sodre, under the stage direction of Rubén Darío Martínez and musical direction of Ariel Britos. It is presented this August 20th and 22nd at Auditorio Nacional del Sodre in Montevideo

After her world debut at Los Angeles Opera in 2013, under the musical direction of Plácido Domingo, Dulce Rosa arrives in Uruguay starring – as in her debut – by the Uruguayan soprano María Eugenia Antúnez. The musical direction is in charge of Ariel Britos and the stage direction of Rubén Darío Martínez. The cast is completed by Alfonso Mujica, Gerardo Marandino, Martín Nusspaumer, Nicolás Zecchi and Anna Pimentel. This production is part of the efforts of Sodre, through its Youth Orchestra to bring opera to a wider audience.
The opera is based on a short story by Chilean writer Isabel Allende, which was part of her book “Cuentos de Eva Luna” (1989). It is the first work of Allende to be versioned in an operatic format and this will be the second time to be represented worldwide, this time sung in Spanish.
Dulce Rosa recounts the aftermath of a violent political uprising in a South American country, while a young woman plans her revenge against a ruthless attacker. Dulce Rosa is a contemporary opera with all the classic elements of the genre. A romantic tragedy, crossed by corruption, revenge and redemption, in a context of political turmoil, with the unique stamp of Isabel Allende.
The librettist Richard Sparks and the composer Lee Holdridge have worked together for more than two decades as professional partners and have made five other previous works commissioned by L.A. Opera. After reading the story “A Revenge” they quickly saw the potential to turn history into an opera. Sparks visualized history as a modern Greek tragedy, where fate conspires against its protagonists. They contacted the author and for years they worked on the script, the lyrics and the music and managed to get Plácido Domingo to direct her.