Peruvian Minister of Culture receives Ópera Latinamérica in Lima

The Grand National Theater of Lima was the headquarters and host of this productive day in which the Minister of Culture, Dr. Salvador del Solar Labarthe participated; authorities of the Grand National Theater of Lima, National Cast Directorate; representatives of the Alejandro Granda International Opera Festival; the Juan Diego Flores Foundation: Symphony for Peru; Municipal Theater of Lima and part of the directive of Opera Latin America.

Challenges for the future, the situation of the Peruvian institutions and the problems they face, were some of the issues discussed at the meeting in which the importance of integrating Peru to the OLA Theater Network was highlighted.
Opera Latin America, which has 10 years of experience working for the dissemination of the lyric in the region, presented its work and action plan for this year in which the participation of Peru is essential to continue growing and strengthening lyrical activity and Latin American representation arts.

The steps to follow, after this important meeting in which the new administration of the Grand National Theater meets with their peers for the first time since they assumed, are the incorporation of these institutions to the Network of Latin American Opera Theaters to promote development Local and share good practices. As for example the case of the Symphony for Peru with the rest of the members in the next meeting to be held in Bogotá in September of this year.
Meeting Participants:
Ministry of Culture of Peru
Dr. Salvador del Solar Labarthe – Minister of Culture
Ministry of Culture of Peru – Grand National Theater
Mauricio Salas Torreblanca – General and Programming Coordinator
Melissa Giorgio Alcalde – Public, Education and Community Coordinator
Ministry of Culture of Peru – National Cast Directorate
Fabiana Raunelli Suárez – Director of National Cast
Javier Súnico Raborg – Director of the National Choir
Mónica Canales Márquez – Director of the National Children’s Choir
Alejandro Granda International Opera Festival
Ernesto Palacio – Artistic Director
Symphony Foundation for Peru
Miguel Molinari – Director
Municipal Theater of Lima
Martha Luna De Vinatea – Programming Coordinator
Ópera Latinamérica
Andrés Rodriguez, First Vice President
Alejandra Martí, Executive Director