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Brazilian Special Secretariat of Culture signs collaboration agreement with OLA

Brazil,the first Latin American government to sign a collaboration agreement with Ópera Latinomérica. The objective of this document is to promote the development of opera theaters in Brazil, share good practices and increase the circulation of productions in the region.


The Brazilian government, through the Special Secretary of Culture of the Ministry of Citizenship, has signed an agreement with the Ópera Latinomérica (OLA), whose objective is the convergence of the efforts of both institutions for the promotion and exchange of opera productions in Latin America. The signing was held at the Teatro Amazonas, with the presence of several authorities, during the 22nd Festival Amazonas de Ópera FAO.
During the signing ceremony of the agreement between the federal government and OLA, the special secretary of Culture of the Ministry of Citizenship, Henrique Pires, said that “the commitment signed between the entities is a great step for the Brazilian opera industry”.


“We want to operationalize and make effective use of theaters in all areas of the arts.The terms of this agreement are only some measures that allow the circulation of shows, for example, customs facilities so that the scenarios can circulate, so that there can be mobility of artists across the borders of the country, anyway, we need to create a system so that the works are not limited to a few places” he said.

According to the special secretary, the extensive territorial dimensions of Brazil must be shortened with mechanisms that allow access to culture for the entire population.

“The inhabitants of Amazonas have the privilege of having the Amazonas Theater with 22 editions of a festival of this magnitude, there is something similar in Rio de Janeiro, but we are talking about a country with more than 8 million square kilometers. the creative industry that, from what we see in the Amazon, works with maximum power, you see the Carnival here, Rio and São Paulo and the Parintins Festival, and you see that those who work there also work in the opera. influencing, qualifying and improving these popular shows, therefore, from this signature, we will not only indicate but we will initiate an integration work, “he said.

According to Paulina Ricciardi, Administrative Coordinator of OLA, the signing of this agreement demonstrates the intentions of the parties to facilitate cultural advancement among Latin American countries. “We are a network that connects 33 opera houses to spread the lyrical work, we are very pleased that Brazil is the first to sign the agreement with OLA, so we want to help in the development of the opera houses of the country, share good practices and circulate the productions, “she said.

The signing of the agreement took place after the forum “Theaters of Opera and Creative Economy in Latin America”, attended by the Executive Director of FAO, Flavia Furtado; the maestro and artistic director of the FAO, Luiz Fernando Malheiro; the head of the Division of Cultural Affairs, Solidarity and Creativity of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB-Chile), Trinidad Zaldivar; the president of the Brazilian Academy of Music, João Guilherme Ripper; and the executive director of Ópera de Colombia – Fundación Camarin del Carmen, René Coronado.