Latin American audiences little by little return to enjoy face-to-face shows

Latin American venues such as the Roberto Plasencia Saldaña Bicentennial Theater and the Palace of Fine Arts (Mexico), Sodre Auditorium (Uruguay), Julio Mario Santo Domingo Theater and Colón Theater in Bogotá (Colombia), Gran Teatro Nacional (Peru), Teatro Amazonas (Brazil), Teatro del Lago (Chile) and Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires (Argentina), among others, are already open to receive the public with all the corresponding sanitary measures and protocols. These and other Latin American theaters joyfully celebrate the reunion between the public and the musicians, singers, directors and dancers who vibrate with lyrical art.


“I feel a lot of nostalgia and excitement to be at this concert, after not being in contact with the theater and with an orchestra for so long. It was a great experience to be in this special concert with the Orquesta del Teatro de Bellas Artes. It was very moving to feel the response of the audience, the connection and energy that was in the room, “said mezzo-soprano Rosa Muñoz after the return from the face-to-face opera to the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City.


“It is wonderful to return”; “It has been very pleasant”; “It must never be lost, because culture must be present in all of us”, were some of the words shared by the people attending the first concert with the public of the Mexican Coliseum, after being closed for several months and dedicated to the digitization of its season .



And it is that the case of the Palace of Fine Arts of Mexico is not isolated. Throughout Latin America, different artistic houses and stages in the region have gradually begun to open their doors. After several difficult months that forced us to distance ourselves from the communal joy in a theater hall, today we can see how the joy and excitement of the reunion with the public, the orchestra, the director and the singers in the same space is returning to the theaters. Latin Americans.



Roberto Plasencia Saldaña Bicentennial Theater

Located in the Cultural Forum of Guanajuato, the theater has been operating since March of this year. With dates dedicated to modern composers such as Schoenberg in May or tributes to opera titans during June, currently the Bicentennial Theater is celebrating the II Piano Festival from its Main Hall.


From July 30 to August 21, prominent pianists such as Carlos Adriel Salmerón (July 30) or Santiago Piñeirúa (August 21) will perform.


Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City

One of the main stages in Mexico is also receiving its audience in person. On Friday, July 30, he will hold his First Fine Arts Concertists Gala in the Main Hall of the theater. Works by composers such as Bach, Villa-Lobos, Piazzolla, Saint-Säens, Rachmáninov and Kapustin will be performed.



Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo

Under the slogan of “Bogotá resounds” and with concerts of popular, electronic and classical music for all audiences, this theater returns to deliver the best of music to Colombia.



As part of the “Shock Presenta” strip, on August 8 the electronic music producer Julio Victoria will share the stage with an ensemble from the Nueva Filarmonía orchestra, in an invitation to enjoy house and techno beyond the dance floors. .


Colon Theater in Bogotá

The National Theater of Colombia also gladly celebrates the return to face-to-face concerts. On Sunday August 1, Laura Lambuley and María Del Sol Peralta will come together to present The Song of My Dreams. A family concert that combines storytelling and the piano to tell the story of a queen who has lost her childhood song.



On the 12th and 13th it will be the turn of the Catalan trumpeter, singer and composer Andrea Motis, prodigy of the jazz scene worldwide, who will be in Colombia for the first time. In quintet format, she will perform with her mentor Joan Chamorro and the musicians Ignasi Terraza, Josep Traver and Esteve Pi.



Manaus Amazonas Theater

“It is an emotion to once again receive the warmth of the public in this house, which is so important to us. I am very happy to be part of this historic moment and I hope that our orchestra can continue to give joy to the public here at the Amazonas Theater ”, declared the director Davi Nunes when he took the stage after the presentation of the show“ De Canhoto a Nicanor ”. which presented works by Canhoto, João Pernambuco, Sebastião Tapajós, Hermeto Pascoal and Nicanor Teixeira, among other works.



And it is that in the heart of Manaus, the main theater of the Amazon region once again received its audience from mid-July with concerts by the Amazon Philharmonic, the Amazon Folkloric Ballet and other artistic ensembles. Soon the theater will be announcing its programming for August.



Great National Theater

The distinguished Peruvian stage continues its reopening with a face-to-face concert on Sunday, August 1, dedicated to the outstanding Peruvian writer, singer-songwriter and poet, Serafina Quinteras, in charge of the Bicentennial National Youth Symphony Orchestra of Peru and the National Choir of Peru.


The instance is a tribute to her musical legacy within the framework of the “Mujeres del Bicentenario” cycle, a tribute to some of the most important composers in Peru and presented by the Ministry of Culture and the Bicentennial Project.



Adela Reta National Auditorium (SODRE)

With a gradual reopening, this outstanding artistic space in the Uruguayan capital once again welcomes its audience with “The Magic of Mozart” on July 31st. It will be a concert by the Sodre National Symphony Orchestra with two works by the Salzburg genius: the Concertante Symphony and the Serenade in D Major known as “Haffner Serenade”, with soloists from the orchestra.


Solís Theater

Uruguay’s main theater opens its doors this Sunday, August 1 with two shows by the stable casts of the Montevideo City Council.


At 7:30 p.m. the Montevideo Symphonic Band performs with its symphonic Shakespeare under the direction of Martín Jorge in the Main Hall. While, in the Zavala Muniz Hall, the National Comedy re-enacts Basic Notions for the Construction of Bridges by Jimena Márquez, recently presented at the International Festival of Hispanic Theater in Miami. This play will run on Fridays and Saturdays at 9 p.m. and Sundays at 6 p.m., until August 15 inclusive.


As for the Montevideo Philharmonic Orchestra, on August 12 at 7:30 p.m. it will have its “Inaugural Gala Concert” under the direction of the teacher Ligia Amadio. On Thursday, August 26 at the same time, it will be the second concert of Season 202


The Telón Arriba Company returns to the main stage to present the ballet Pulcinella by Igor Stravinsky, as part of the 50th anniversary of his death. This show, which will run from August 20 to 22 at 7:30 p.m., will feature the special participation of the Montevideo Philharmonic Orchestra. It is a co-production under the musical direction of the teacher Ligia Amadio and the direction and choreography of Giovanna Martinatto, artistic director of the company.


In addition, the Montevideo Symphonic Band will have its now classic nostalgia concert on August 24 at 8:00 p.m., under the direction of Martín Jorge and great guests.



Colon Theater in Buenos Aires

After the return to face-to-face shows with a wonderful presentation of Altri Canti by Claudio Monteverdi, the Buenos Aires Coliseum continues with concerts open to the public.


On Friday, July 30 at 8:00 p.m., the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra will give a concert in the Main Hall under the baton of Ezequiel Silberstein and the participation of the pianist Iván Rutkauskas and the trumpeter Fernando Ciancio, as soloists.



Concerto for piano, trumpet and strings, No. 1 Op. 35 by Dmitri Shostakovich and Serenade for strings in C major, Op. 48 by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky will be performed.


Later, on September 2, the Stable Ballet of the Teatro Colón returns to the stage with Vendaval / Itinerario Piazzolla, a cycle in homage to the centenary of the birth of the legendary Argentine composer and bandoneonist Ástor Piazzolla.



Teatro del Lago

Located in southern Chile, on Friday July 30 at 7:00 p.m., Teatro del Lago will open its doors to the public for the first time after a year and a half in pandemic with the concert “Bach and his legacy” by the musicians of the Ensemble Teatro del Lago and the violinist Jesús Rojas, as guest musician.


The assistants will be the same workers of the institution, who will be able to attend fulfilling all the sanitary protocols and celebrate the return to the seats of the artistic house of Frutillar.