Ruperto Chapí’s zarzuela, La Revoltosa closes lyric season of Teatro Solís

With more than 124 artists on stage, Teatro Solís in Montevideo concludes its opera season with the zarzuela of Ruperto Chapí, La Revoltosa. This new production features the staging of Amelia Ochandiano and the musical direction of Martín Jorge.


For the third consecutive year Teatro Solís premieres a zarzuela in the month of December. This new classic in the montevidean billboard is starring La revoltosa, by Ruperto Chapí. A lyrical sainete that tonight arrives at the main stage by four unique functions of the hand of the teacher Martín Jorge to the front of the Symphonic Band of Montevideo, and Amelia Ochandiano in the scenic direction.


The last title of the lyric season of Teatro Solís brings with it a great novelty, and it is that it participates in it and for the first time, the National Comedy. It will be in the hands of the actors Claudia Rossi, Daniel Espino Lara and Luis Martínez, in the roles of Gorgonia, Cándido and Señor Candelas.


The artistic cast is completed by the SODRE National School of Dance, the children’s choir of the group SACUDE and the Montevideo Coral Studio. More than 124 artists on stage will offer a show where the corrala – and its great similarity with the “conventillos” of the time in Uruguay – will be the scene of the love story between Felipe and Mari Pepa that this occasion is set in the years 60.

La Revoltosa, 2019 © Difusión Teatro Solís - Santiago Bouzas

La Revoltosa, 2019 © Difusión Teatro Solís – Santiago Bouzas

On the novel staging, her reggie has expressed: “In this version, that common place I wanted to place it in the Madrid of the 60s, where, despite the tremendous political and social circumstances of the country some appeared in Spain Shy flashes of modernity and progress. The appearance of miniskirts, motorcycles, pop music, sunglasses and news that came from abroad made a dent among the popular classes and seemed to break some molds and introduce new airs. It is in this environment where some neighbors – by running out of their houses, without their corrala – have decided to temporarily occupy the theater in the neighborhood, and build – until they can recover their own – an “alternative corrala” where Mari Pepa sneaks , a woman of her time who blows up all the alarms between conventional and established relations in the community because a Trojan horse has arrived with the danger inside, one of the worst, the awakening of sensuality and the senses. ”


The unruly It goes from this 18 to December 21 in the main hall of Teatro Solís. The latest tickets can be purchased through the Tickantel network and at the theater box office from $ 300.