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The argentine capital receives the VII OLA Meeting

From Friday 4 to Sunday 6 December and in the framework of the functions of Parsifal de Wagner, the VII Latin American Opera Meeting will be held at the Colón Theater in Buenos Aires, headed by the Artistic Director of that theater, Darío Lopérfido (in the foto), who has just been confirmed as the new Minister of Culture of the city and is also in charge of the OLA board of directors since he was elected during the VI Meeting, held in July this year at the Municipal Theater of Santiago de Chile .

The main objective of this new meeting will be to define and structure the joint work that will be carried out during the next two years, which in addition to the fundamental missions of OLA – the exchange of both productions as well as information, promotion and education of the new The artistic talents of the continent, in addition to the realization of courses and workshops that support the integral development of artists – have special emphasis on the development of new technologies, the strengthening of web platforms and social networks, the integration of intermediate institutions and support to Latin American artists.

Andrés Rodríguez (Municipal Theater of Santiago de Chile) will also be present during the conference; Ramiro Osorio (Julio Santo Domingo Theater of Colombia); Chía Patiño (National Theater Sucre of Ecuador); Daniela Bouret (Solis Theater of Montevideo); Gerardo Grieco (SODRE Auditorium of Uruguay), Thomas Yaksic (Municipal Theater of San Pablo); Luiz Fernando Malheiro (San Pedro Theater of Brazil); Joao Guillherme Ripper (Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro) and Sergio Ramírez Cardenas (National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico). And in addition there will be the special participation of the representatives of the main opera houses in Spain: Joan Matabosch, of the Royal Theater of Madrid; José Luis Riveros, of the General Auditorium of Tenerife; Jorge Juan Culla Bayarri, from The Theaters and Escorial Auditorium, and Luisa Molina, from the Bilbao Opera.