Tosca premiere at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro.- Following the dramaturgical line of the “Female Tragedy”, the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro performs a new production presenting one of the most famous works of the Italian composer Giacomo Puccini, “Tosca”. The opera in three acts will be on the billboard between September 22 and 29, with the gold sponsorship of Petrobras.


This assembly, directed by André Heller-Lopes, where his scenery is dominated by a great baroque sacred image, almost 10 meters, inspired by the Crucifixion of Aleijadinho. The assembly will feature the regency of maestro Marcelo de Jesús, and renowned Brazilian singers, such as Eliane Coelho, Eric Herrero, Juremir Vieira, Ciro D’Araujo, Murilo Neves, Geilson Santos and Fabrício Claussen. They are joined by Chilean Macarena Velenzuela and Cuban Homero Pérez. The assembly also has changing rooms created by Marcelo Marques.
“Tosca” is one of the most powerful operas in the musical operatic repertoire, ending with its three main dead characters. His debut was in Rome, in 1900, and his story is spent in the same city, 100 years before. The Opera was an immediate success, being since then one of the most presented in theaters around the world. In fact, according to the “Opera Base” site, “Tosca” was the fifth most presented opera in recent years, just behind “La Bohème”, by the same composer.