Teatro Solís joins the Silk Road International League of Theaters

Between November 22 and 24, the 2019 SRILT Annual Conference was held in the cities of Quanzhou and Guangzhou, China, where Teatro Solís became a member of the Silk Road International League of Theaters (SRILT).


The SRILT is an organization proposed by the China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG). There, the cultural and artistic institutions of countries along the “Silk Road” join voluntarily to establish an exchange platform for cultural development and the arts. Prestigious theaters in Latin America, Europe and Asia are already among its members, which allows to establish closer contact and establish channels to manage businesses and platforms for the exchange of information within SRILT.


The background of cultural cooperation with this institution was built with the successful presentation of his works at Teatro Solís, a fact that could be achieved thanks to President Mr. Li Jinsheng and the Chinese Embassy in our country.


It is in this relationship framework that Teatro Solís received a donation of light and audio technical equipment for an estimated value of one million dollars as international cooperation, announced a few weeks ago.