Two lyrical titles and Ballet Nacional Ballet Sodre stand out in 2020 season of Teatro del Bicentenario of San Juan

With Madama Butterfly, Carmina Burana, the world premiere of La Tregua of the SODRE National Ballet, and with the presence of stellar artists such as Martha Argerich, Les Luthiers, Eduardo Guerrero and Enrique Piñeyro, Teatro del Bicentenario will surprise tourists and residents.


In its fourth year, Teatro del Bicentenario of San Juan begins its season with a training program by the charismatic flamenco artist Eduardo Guerrero, who returns to the Bicentennial Theater with his own innovative proposal. From a residence, artists from San Juan will work intensely with Eduardo to give rise to the unpublished work “Don José“.


In March, Teatro del Bicentenario opens its doors to the “meeting” par excellence of the San Juan theater community with the Provincial Theater Party; That same month, the talented pianist and composer, Silas Bassa staged a multisensory show in a concert-show format, thus opening new paths for interaction between his music and the visual arts.


In April, the immortal Madama Butterfly, one of the most emotional operas of the great Italian composer Giacomo Puccini and by the hand of the stage director Pablo Maritano. The oriental atmosphere invades the theater under the baton of maestro Emmanuel Siffert, FFHH Symphony Orchestra and University ChoirUNSJ with a cast of leading.


In May, the acoustics of Teatro del Bicentenario will nest the masterful performance of the Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra. Later, the patriotic colors will make us celebrate the anniversary of the 1810 Revolution within the framework of the Homeland.


The chords of the Camerata Universidad Andrés Bello will be present in June in the majestic hall of Teatro del Bicentenario, with a repertoire that includes works from the classical and romantic.


With pride, the San Juan stage will present in July the outstanding pianist Martha Argerich, considered one of the greatest artists of all time for his virtuous inspiring technique and deep artistic interpretation, and this time he will be accompanied by the famous Youth Orchestra of Bahia (Brazil) under the musical direction of Ricardo Castro.

In August, we will relive the most emblematic festival of the San Juan, the National Festival of the Sun, which adapts its final show “Evolution”, to the stage of the Bicentennial Theater, remembering that… What happened to us makes us stronger!.


After the overwhelming success in 2017 with five full-room functions,returns Les Luthiers to the Bicentennial Theater. The geniuses of music and humor, in an unrepeatable show full of fresh, elegant and intelligent.


The stage of Teatro del Bicentenario will overflow with nostalgia, loves and passions conceived in dance and movement to present the play La Tregua, 2020 world premiere of the SODRE National Ballet, of Montevideo, Uruguay, created to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the birth of the great Mario Benedetti.


The celebration of the 4th. Anniversary of Teatro del Bicentenario will bring reminiscences of its inauguration in 2016, with the choreographed version of Mauricio Wainrot, of one of the best-known and performed musical works of the 20th century: Carmina Burana, by Carl Orff.


In October, an incredible staging, Flying is human, landing is divine, will achieve a perfect fusion between cinema, theater and humor monologue. Enrique Piñeyro arrives for the first time at Teatro del Bicentenario and surprise with his irony and turn this original show into a new genre that alternates without pause between laughter and deep reflection.


On the 250th anniversary of his birth, Teatro del Bicentenario pays tribute to the genius of the music of romanticism: Ludwig van Beethoven, with a symphonic choral concert of the IX Symphony, whose unquestionable universal legacy has profoundly influenced the development and evolution of music.