CEAC TV brings the genius of Brahms and the talent of German violinist Tobias Feldmann

The Chilean Composers Cycle, whose premiere was announced for Friday, June 18, had to be postponed as a result of the return to phase 1 throughout the Metropolitan Region, so it will resume once sanitary measures allow it.

To the transmission of the concert of the Symphony this Friday and Saturday, the presentation of the Chilean National Ballet with the work I have more than a thousand years of memories is added.


The Center for Artistic and Cultural Extension of the University of Chile had to temporarily suspend the start of the Chilean Composers Cycle that would be broadcast from this week on CEAC TV. The measure responds to the quarantine decreed by the authorities for the entire Metropolitan Region, so the concerts will have to be rescheduled according to the progress announced in the Step by Step plan.


Thus, on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 June at 7:40 p.m., the channel will broadcast the presentation that the National Symphony Orchestra of Chile had in March 2019, and which was led by the outstanding Chilean director based in Germany. , Helmuth Reichel. The concert included the Overture of The Ruins of Athens, by Ludwig van Beethoven, as well as the participation of the young and talented German violinist, Tobias Feldmann, in the interpretation of the Brahms Violin Concerto.


With an outstanding career that began with his performances in numerous competitions, where he demonstrated his virtuosity and musical delicacy, Feldmann obtained distinctions in competitions such as the Joseph Joachim International Competition in Hannover and the German Music Competition, both in 2012, in addition to the Queen Competition Elizabeth in Brussels (2015).


The piece “I have more than a thousand years of memories” is inspired by the work “The flowers of evil”, by Charles Baudelaire. Photo: Josefina Pérez


For its part, the Chilean National Ballet will arrive at ceactv.cl on Thursday 17 and Sunday 20 at 8:00 p.m., with I have more than a thousand years of memories, created in 2015 by its artistic director, Mathieu Guilhaumon. The piece is inspired by the book Las Flores del Mal, by Charles Baudelaire, using his own poetic imaginary, where he evokes in movements the question about the weight of memories and their impact on the present.


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