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Carmina Burana and the genius of Third Symphony by Mahler come to Ceac TV

The monumental work, performed by the National Symphony, part of the Universidad de Chile Symphonic Choir, the Almendral College Choir and the outstanding soprano Nora Sourouzian will air on Friday, July 10 and Saturday, July 11 at 7:40 p.m. The program will also feature one of the public’s favorite choral works: Carmina Burana; the pianist Liza Chung in the Ceac Piano Cycle and the Banch Laboratory project.



As every week, the signal is renewed with interesting works to bring the best of symphonic music and contemporary dance to the homes of the public.

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Tuesday, July 7, 7:40 p.m.

Carmina Burana – Carl Orff

National Symphony Orchestra of Chile / University of Chile Symphonic Choir

Soloists: Tabita Martínez, soprano / Brayan Ávila, tenor / Ramiro Maturana, baritone

Choir Director: Juan Pablo Villarroel

Conductor: Pablo Carrasco

Registration: Caupolicán Theater, December 20, 2019


Wednesday, July 8, 7:40 

pianist cycle 2018

32 Beethoven sonatas. Homage to Claudio Arrau

Soloist: Liza Chung (Korea)

Sonata op.109 (N ° 30 of the series)

Sonata op.110 (N ° 31)

Sonata op.111 (N ° 32)  

Artistic director of the cycle: Luis Alberto Latorre 

Registration : Universidad de Chile Theater, November 28, 2018


Thursday July 9 and Sunday July 12, 8:00 PM

BANCH Laboratory

Chilean National Ballet

 “A mis soledades” by Rodrigo Opazo

“Botar” by Gema Contreras

“Assertive inclination” by Amaru Piñones

«¿ You really don’t care? by Valentín Keller

“What if …” by Enrique Faúndez

“Kintsugi” by Nicolás Berrueta

“Bestia” by Fabián Leguizamón

Registration: Teatro Universidad de Chile, March 8, 2019


Friday 10 and Saturday 12, 19:40 

Symphony Nº3 in D Minor , op.73 – Gustav Mahler

Chilean National Symphony Orchestra

Sopranos and contrals Symphonic Choir Universidad de Chile

Symphonic Choir Colegio Almendral

Soloist: Nora Sourouzian, mezzo-soprano (France / Germany)

Conductor Symphonic Choir: Juan Pablo Villarroel

Teatro Universidad from Chile, June 7, 2018

Transmissions and programming here 


Thus, on Tuesday, July 7 at 7:40 p.m., the Symphonic Choir together with the National Symphony Orchestra of Chile, will revive one of the most recognized choral works of the 20th century: Carmina Burana, by Carl Orff. The record corresponds to the last time that these groups presented this renowned oratory live, when in December 2019 they arrived at the Caupolicán Theater to perform before more than 1,200 people.


The concert had the baton of the Chilean conductor Pablo Carrasco, in what was his debut at the head of the longest running orchestra in the country, in addition to the outstanding solo voices of the soprano Tabita Martínez, considered one of the great promises of the Chilean lyric; Brayan Ávila, tenor with formal singing studies at the University of Chile; and Ramiro Maturana, a baritone who was part of the Camerata Vocal of the University of Chile and one of the lyrical singers selected to join the Accademia at the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan.


The programming will continue on Wednesday the 8th with the Ceac Pianist Cycle, this time with the concert that closed the 2018 season of the series dedicated to the figure of the teacher Claudio Arrau, and which reviewedin away comprehensive and chronological the 32 Sonatas of Beethoven. By the Korean-born pianist, Liza Chung, the presentation covered the Sonata op.109, op.110 and op.111 sonatas (Nos. 30, 31 and 32). 


On Thursday 9 at 8:00 p.m. returns Laboratorio Banch, a proposal that started the 2019 season of the Chilean National Ballet, where seven short works created by dancers who are premiered members of the company. To my solitudes, by Rodrigo Opazo; Botar, by Gema Contreras; Assertive inclination, by Amaru Piñones; You really don’t care?, by Valentín Keller; What if …, by Enrique Faúndez; Kintsugi, by Nicolás Berrueta; and Beast, by Fabián Leguizamón, are the pieces that will also be broadcast on Sunday, July 12 or at the same time.


The week will culminate on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 at 7:40 p.m. with the great Sinfony No. 3 by thegenius Austrian Gustav Mahler. This is the interpretation that the National Symphony Orchestra provided in June 2018, under the direction of the then owner of the ensemble, maestro Leonid Grin. The concert also featured its debut in Chile by the prominent French-Canadian mezzo-soprano, Nora Sourouzian, a figure widely praised by international critics. Also present were the soprano and alto voices of the Universidad de Chile Symphonic Choir, conducted by maestro Juan Pablo Villarroel, and the girls’ choir of the Almendral de la Pintana School, conducted by Marcela Serrano. 


The work is one of the composer’s most complex creations, not only in terms of interpretation, but also in technical assembly. At one hour and forty minutes long, it is positioned as one of the longest symphonies of all time. 


Regarding the contingency and importance of this space, the director of  CEAC, Diego Matte, points out that “it is a complex moment, where we believe it is extremely important to follow the recommendations of the authorities and health specialists, who have been emphatic in suggesting citizens avoid leaving their homes. ” Likewise, it invites the public “to visit, where we have available to all people – openly and free of charge – a large selection of artistic and cultural content. We believe that music and art can help us all cope better with this difficult situation. ” 

Transmissions and programming here 



Along with enjoying the artistic content offered on CeacTV completely free of charge, the public that enters the channel will be able to participate in the Campaign Toi Toi!. Let us support our artists, in aid of the independent music and dance workers, who have been unable to carry out paid work during these months and who need support today. 


It is a call addressed to the entire public, especially those who enjoy attending artistic events on different stages of the country. Likewise, the CEAC has made its contents available free of charge on its platform, as a way to encourage the donation of resources.


For Diego Matte, director of the organization, the initiative arises from the need to “take care of our artists and art professionals who are independent, since they are the fabric on which many institutions develop, by resorting to their services in different schedules and productions. Taking care of them is as important as taking care of the Orchestra, Choir or Ballet itself ”. He adds that “their work and dedication is very relevant for the country, so we must send a signal so that their vocation for the arts does not disappear. There are many of us who owe and want to help ”.


The resources will be entered into the account of the CEAC Universidad de Chile, a public entity, subject to internal and external controls, and the benefits of the COVID19 donation law will be applicable to them.


Those who donate will receive:
– Recognition in our programming on channel
– A special greeting in thanks from one of our artists.
– Exclusive access to Ceac TV content, such as events with the performance of solo works by our Orchestra, Camerata and Ballet.
– The use of funds will be rendered in detail to each donor.


Donations must be made by transfer to the account:
Santander Bank
Current account 6564545-9
University of Chile
R.U.T. 60,910,000-1


Details of the works and concerts, the times they are broadcast and information about how to collaborate with the donation campaign are available at

Transmissions and programming here