10 questions with Enivia Muré, soprano from Mexico

The Mexican soprano Enivia Muré made her debut at the CDMX Opera de Bellas Artes as Floria in Tosca and has sung at various opera houses in Spain, Germany, Italy, Romania and Honduras, among others.

She is also the winner of the Talent Music Master Courses and GranTeatro de Brescia 2016, as well as the Rapallo International Competition 2017 with Leonora Il Trovatore – Verdi.


Have you always wanted to be an opera singer? Why?

No, although I started studying music at the age of 6, my idea was to become a pianist and a dancer, but the first time I saw a live opera, which was at the age of 15, all other ideas disappeared. I only wanted to be an opera singer because I felt that that was the true meaning of my existence, singing and expressing my emotions through my voice.


What do you like most about this art?

On the one hand, it is a way of connecting with life in all its nuances by playing characters so different and complex in the vocal and emotional. I also like it a lot because when I sing I feel a deep happiness that illuminates my day to day life, it also opens up opportunities for me to meet people, other cultures and travel fascinates me, although this sometimes implies loneliness, I enjoy it too.


Favorite show

La Bohème, Aída, Pagliacci, Turandot


Composer or songwriter you could listen to every day

Puccini, Verdi, Mozart, Bach, Poulenc and Debussy.


Preferred theater

Teatro Colón, La Scala, Liceu de Barcelona and Palacio de Bellas Artes.


Heroine or favorite hero in fiction

Liú and Cio cio-San


What do you consider to be your greatest professional achievement?

Keep my voice healthy by singing opposite repertoire such as bel canto and verismo. Fulfill my dream of winning an international competition in Italy and debut Cio cio-San with great success and without any problems after a car accident that had me in bed a month before because there I put my mental, physical, emotional and technical strength to the test .


Contemporary artist that you are most excited to see or listen to

Carlos Álvarez, Sondra Rodvanovsky and Cecilia Bartoli.


The best city to experience culture

Barcelona, ​​Paris, Milan, Berlin, New York and Mexico City


Any other art that you consider yourself a fan of?

Cinema, theater, literature and painting.