XR Stage, the technology that brings virtual simulation to six Chilean theatres

XR Stage, la tecnología que trae la simulación virtual a cinco escenarios chilenos

Through a strategic agreement and with the support of a Corfo fund, Ópera Latinoamérica (OLA) and the Centre for the Technological Revolution in Creative Industries (CRTIC) will implement XR Stage virtual simulation technology for stages in five Chilean theatres. Originally developed by the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, XR Stage consists of an immersive 3D visualization platform for the design of large-scale stage productions. This joint initiative will be a pioneer in Latin America in the application of virtual and augmented reality elements in stage production and co-production.


Ópera Latinoamérica (OLA) and the Centre for the Technological Revolution in Creative Industries (CRTIC), with the support of CORFO’s Factoría Inicia 2023 grant, will implement the XR Stage platform at Teatro Municipal de Santiago, Teatro Municipal de Las Condes, Teatro Regional del Maule, Teatro Biobío and Teatro del Lago, with the aim of modernizing and optimizing stage production processes.


This project unites the essence of OLA and the vision we promote in terms of theatre management: collaboration, which puts the best of different organizations for a common goal, and innovation, which gives us tools to face the challenges of the 21st century. OLA’s networks have allowed us to get to know and build trust with the Finnish team and XR Stage. For its implementation in Chile, we joined forces with CRTIC because they are the best to implement technological projects in creative industries and we convened five national theatres that are part of OLA with the conviction that renewed opportunities for cooperation can be born among them. In addition, CORFO believed in us and made the project possible thanks to the grant we were awarded, generating a virtuous circle of public-private partnership that is essential for this type of project, which is also completely scalable,” says Alejandra Martí, executive director of Ópera Latinoamérica.



Created by the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, in collaboration with Finnish startups ZOAN (3D studio) and Varjo (XR hardware producer), XR Stage was born in 2022 as a response to the need to address common challenges in planning an artistic production, such as budget adjustments, meeting tight deadlines and difficulties in creating models at scale. The technological tool, which has already been applied to conceive opera productions in Europe, makes it possible to create digital twins of the stages, through virtual and augmented reality models, for the design and artistic planning of stage productions.


The first stage of the implementation of XR Stage in Chile, which will take place between April 2 and May 16, aims to train the technical teams of these five theatres in the use of Unreal Engine 5/Blender, the basal software of XR Stage, one of the most efficient in the creation of virtual reality universes and which was created by the developer Epic Games,  responsible for the popular video game Fortnite. CRTIC professionals will develop theoretical trainings and work sessions in which they will address, in a new online remote workspace, the problems of quality and programming in the design and planning of performing arts productions. Then, a second stage includes a bootcamp from May 20 to 24 in Concepción and from May 27 to 31 in Santiago, in which representatives of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet will visit to strengthen the work of the trainings.



“We are very excited about this project because it will help drive a digital transformation process in 5 theatres in Chile. This, without a doubt, will strengthen cultural spaces with technological capabilities that benefit the competitiveness, production and circulation of national shows in the world,” says Isidora Cabezón Papic, executive director of CRTIC.


Among the advantages of XR Stage is its adaptability to different platforms. The technology can be used with virtual reality headsets, but also on desktop computers or cell phones. In addition, its use has the advantages of saving energy, travel times and resources to design, test and implement productions or co-productions. For example, it is estimated that the Finnish National Opera and the Malmö Opera saved €75,000 and 1,500 hours of work on a Turandot co-production, thanks to the use of this platform.



In 2024, the teams of the Teatro Municipal de Santiago, Teatro Municipal de Las Condes, Teatro Regional del Maule, Teatro Biobío and  Teatro del Lago will have the necessary skills to operate the digital twin of their stages. When theatres have the virtual version, they will be able to integrate XR Stage into the stage’s technical operation and lighting systems, test and correct stage designs and pre-program light scripts, in addition to developing joint projects with other theatres that have the platform.


In this way, Chile seals an unprecedented agreement with one of the world’s leading technological powers. “The launch of the XR Stage platform, which combines AI, augmented reality and video games, developed by the Finnish National Opera and Ballet for the planning of stage productions is a great example of the collaboration between Finland and Chile. This innovative joint project between the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, the Ibero-American Theatre Network OLA and the Centre for the Technological Revolution in Creative Industries (CRTIC), in which five Chilean theatres will participate, will open new horizons and strengthen the existing ties between the two countries,” said the Finnish ambassador to Chile, Johanna Kotkajärvi.




“Technology can be an important tool to generate better synergies between the different theatres that produce opera. Without a doubt, that spirit of improving collaboration is one of the most important reasons to be part of this project.” — Carmen Gloria Larenas, General Director of Teatro Municipal de Santiago


“Being up-to-date with the new technologies that contribute to artistic creation has always been very relevant for Teatro Municipal de Las Condes. We have been pioneers in having the best technology for the shows to grow on our stage and thus offer the audience a great experience. The possibilities offered by XR Stage for a production to surprise are very varied, which is in line with what we have been promoting for several years as a theatre”. — Mauricio Camus, General Director of Teatro Municipal de Las Condes


“It is always interesting to be able to access new technologies and techniques that allow us to generate value propositions for different audiences, especially for new generations who expect society, along with the cultural spaces that make it up, to evolve in relation to current times. For us Teatro Regional del Maule it is important to be at the forefront and for this reason we value the instances of learning, training and joint growth that OLA provides, as well as sharing experiences with other national and Latin American theatres.” — Victoria Flores, Executive Secretary Teatro Regional del Maule


“This project has many attributes for Teatro Biobío. On the one hand, it allows decentralization: Chile is a very large country, therefore, moving with staged projects is expensive and complex. In this sense, by having several theatres with the same training in these new technologies, we will be able to overcome geographical barriers and generate, in the future, more joint projects, not only in opera but also in theatre, dance and other disciplines. On the other hand, this type of training allows us to leave knowledge installed in the institutions and, therefore, to project over time the capacity for innovation and the use of these new technologies”. — Francisca Peró, Executive Director Teatro Biobío


“At Teatro del Lago we firmly believe in the transformative power of the arts and their profound impact on society. The implementation of XR Stage in our space is a revolutionary step towards the democratization of operatic culture and its creative expression. Virtual and augmented reality not only makes it possible to overcome physical and geographical limitations, but also opens up a universe of possibilities in opera production, bringing this art form closer to a wider and more diverse audience. Through this project with Ópera Latinoamérica and CRTIC, we are not only modernizing stage production, but also cultivating fertile ground for cultural exchange and innovation, reinforcing Chile’s presence on the global opera scene.” — Gonzalo Larenas, Executive Director Teatro del Lago


“This project was benefited through the ‘Factoría Creativa Inicia’ program, CORFO’s financing instrument to support projects in creative industries, which are in an early stage of development. The production model of the performing arts is quite traditional, so the incorporation of this technology will allow professionals in this sector to be at the forefront of technology.” — Nicolas Mladinic Draguicevic, Creative Economy Sector Executive, Technological Capabilities Management of CORFO Chile