Theatro Municipal de São Paulo offers live YouTube classes with artists from the house

Musicians, singers and dancers address topics of interest to the public in free classes followed by a live artistic presentation.


Between September and October, there will be four workshops, on Mondays, at 6 pm, which will cover the universe of music, dance and singing. The lives in artistic-pedagogical format aim to tell a little about the work routine of the artists who are part of the Municipal artistic bodies.


And the Learn + debut class that takes place this Monday, September 28, will be about A Voz da Ópera, featuring singers from the Lyrical Choir. In the mediation of the activity, bass Matheus França and baritone Sebastião Teixeira. And in the company of Berenice Barreira (soprano), Heloísa Junqueira (mezzo soprano), Daniel Lee (baritone) and Paulo Queiroz (tenor), they present the lyrical voice on stage and how this art is present in the soundtracks of musicals, films, cartoons and novels.


The voice as a concept, the structure of a choir and a choir, the development of the voice in the face of the repertoire and its history, the origin and interpretative techniques of Bel Canto, passing through the protagonism of the Gregorian choir, are some of the subjects covered. The vocal sextet also features some choral flashes best known to the general public.


In the following weeks, the first violin of the Municipal Symphony Orchestra, Alejandro Aldana, talks about the role and artistic challenges of a spalla. What are the functions of the musician on the first shelf that is to the left of the conductor and is responsible for tuning the Orchestra; soprano Rosemeire Moreira from Coral Paulistano highlights singing in Portuguese; and three dancers from the São Paulo City Ballet teach a choreography.


+ Municipal Online


While the Theatro Municipal de São Paulo remains closed as determined by the city to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, digital territory is the new stage. Anyone who accesses the Theatro’s social networks can check out presentations of chamber performances, the full range of shows presented on the Municipal’s stage and also take advantage of free courses, solo recordings in reduced versions for piano and accompany the lives with Theatro professionals. All of this with free and unrestricted access on the pages of the Theater on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.


In the video channel, in particular, the viewer can watch the operas Rigoletto, O Barbeiro de Sevilha, O Cavaleiro da Rosa and A Viúva Alegre, see or review the shows of Balé da Cidade and enjoy dozens of symphonic concerts such as the Beethoven Total series , with the Municipal Symphony Orchestra playing the nine symphonies of the German composer.


And the last episode of the Theatro Municipal Podcast is on the air: the life of the composer Carlos Gomes. Well known for his opera “O Guarani”, the theme of the previous episode, however his life and work go far beyond that. The presenter Ligiana Costa tells details of this story. Participating in the conversation are director and playwright Maria Adelaide Amaral, who is preparing a soap opera about the life of the composer, with musical direction by the second guest of the podcast, conductor Júlio Medaglia. João Luiz Sampaio, journalist who has just finished a biography about Gomes, not yet released, completes the list.