Teatro Teresa Carreño de Caracas

Address: End of avenue “Paseo de la resistencia indígena”, Bellas Artes sector, Las Artes street, Libertador Municipality, Capital District, Caracas, Venezuela.
Phone: +5841239 07709

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Instagram: @teatroteresacarreno

Twitter: @teresacarreno

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Abstract: The Teresa Carreño Theater is an institution attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for the office of the presidency and government management of Venezuela, founded on April 19, 1983. It is the most important theater in Venezuela, its architecture is brutalist style with 88,000 seats. m2 of construction, anchored in the cultural heart of Caracas. It has two main halls: The Ríos Reyna hall (multiple uses) with a capacity of 2,300 people, equipped with complexes of electronic stage systems, mobile platforms, lighting, audio and variable electronic acoustics, and the José Felix Ribas concert hall with 347 seating. In the same way, it has its own production lines for stage design and theatrical characterization.

The artistic programming is mixed, made up of its own production, co-productions and independent productions of national and foreign artists and groups, where various expressions of the performing and musical arts are exhibited such as: Opera, ballet, theater, musicals, dance, music (academic, traditional, popular and commercial), performance, in the same way exhibitions and institutional meetings are held.

The Teresa Carreño Theater has several stable bodies: Teresa Carreño Ballet, Teresa Carreño Opera Company, Teresa Carreño Opera Choir, Latin American Instruments Orchestra (ODILA-TC), Teresa Contemporary Dance, Teresa Danzakalle (urban dance), Ubuntu TC ( integration dance). Likewise, it executes initial, intermediate and professional training programs in dance on a national scale, and the development of projects for the management of community theater spaces, publishing houses, documentation and heritage conservation.