Teatro Solís opens call for 2018 Lincoln Center Theater Scholarship

Convocation of the Foundation of Friends of Teatro Solís in Montevideo for young directors and directors begins.


The Program was created for the development of stage directors from around the world. The objective is to provide young people with an intensive study in their profession and foster collaborative relationships between peers. The training will include the study of emerging plays and dramatists, and new ways of approaching classics, musicals and operas. We will also work with projects to study the management modalities.

In this call, the Friends of Teatro Solís Foundation will once again select the representative that participates for Uruguay in the current edition.

In previous years the winners of the scholarship were: Gabriel Calderón, Federico Guerra, Sofía Etchevery, Florencia Lindner and Luciana Lagisquet.

The Friends of the Solis Theater Foundation grants the winner the scholarship, the idea ticket and return to New York, and travel expenses for a total amount of US $ 1500 (one thousand five hundred US dollars).


Profile of applicants:

  • Be up to 35 years old
  • Have completed their training and be convinced of their professional choice.
  • To be a director who is already working professionally in the area and has staged at least one work.
  • English language proficiency (minimum level First Certificate in English or equivalent)



  • The 2018 Laboratory for Directors at the Lincoln Center Theater will be applied from August 6 to August 20, 2018.
  • The inscriptions are received until March 7, 2018 inclusive completing the FORM

The applications will be evaluated by a local jury for a later selection.


For more information, contact the Department of Cultural Mediation of Teatro Solís: mediacioncultural@teatrosolis.org.uy or phone number 1950 3323/25 int 129.