Primera Latinoamericana en el Leadership Intensive de OPERA America

As part of the agreement signed between OPERA America and OLA, for the first time a representative of the OLA Network participates in the “Leadership Intensive” Programme


New York: Alejandra Martí, Executive Director of Ópera Latinoamérica is the first Latin American person to attend this course, thus materializing the alliance between OPERA America and Opera Latin America. Her participation is a milestone and opens the door to opportunities for the training of professionals of Latin American theaters. For example, for upcoming Leadership Intensive, there will be spots available for top-level professional leaders of the OLA network.
For the past five years OPERA America has developed the Leadership Intensive Program at the National Opera Center in New York, which is aimed at the most promising professionals in the field of opera management and provides them with a unique experience designed to strengthen their leadership skills And advance their careers. It consists of seminars to create necessary skills and foster strong professional connections to direct the field of opera.
After the program, participants are prepared to apply new skills, share their learning, and demonstrate leadership that contributes to local businesses and communities.