Digital linking and circulation: Escena Digital was presented at Mica 2019

The 5th edition of the Argentine Creative Industries Market (MICA) was held from June 28 to July 2 in four locations in the City of Buenos Aires, where in addition to rounds of business there were trainings, workshops and shows for all public, a Cultural Summit of the Americas took place.

With the aims to consolidate a platform more than an event, the 5th edition of the Argentine Creative Industries Market (MICA) was held from June 28 to July 2 in four locations in the City of Buenos Aires. Concerts, exhibitions, fairs, discussion forums, live shows and business rounds for creative entrepreneurs from the audiovisual, music, performing arts, publishing, video games, design, crafts and visual arts sectors, were part of the activities. This edition was crossed by three axes of reflection and debate: gender, childhood and accessibility.
During five days more than 2,000 representatives of the creative industries sectors which includes: performing arts, audiovisual, publishing, music, design, video games and for the first time, handicrafts and visual arts, met to share and show what they do, train, do contacts and business, create networks, exchange experiences, project challenges and reflect on difficulties.

In this context, and as part of the talks related to performing arts, OLA presented Escena Digital, the platform that promotes the circulation and commercialization of opera and ballet productions already premiered. Along with other 3 digital projects, in the conference “Digital platforms on the scene today”. Where they talked about the importance of keeping the actors in the sector connected and solving the problems that afflict them.

With the participation of artists, managers, producers, entrepreneurs, referents and authorities, the fifth national agency of the Argentine Creative Industries Market seeks to “renew the spirit as a platform” and “put into network the entire cultural ecosystem, which needs more opportunities to circular content and services, “said Máximo Jacoby, national director of Creative Economy of the Ministry of Culture of the Nation.

He also added, “in addition to the business rounds to generate spaces for economic and symbolic exchange, we want to stop being a sectoral event, to be a MICA with a spirit of the times, a space for dialogue of entrepreneurs and creative economy with a programming diagonal and binder based on three axes: childhood, accessibility and gender “.

“The inclusion of these perspectives looks to provide new notes from and for the creative industries”; in the case of those who organize MICA not only from the design of the agenda -in gender issues, but “see beyond the implementation of the ethics and political dimension and exercise the creation of senses to equate inequalities ” said Jacoby.

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What is MICA?

  • MICA is a federal program. Guarantees the participation of all Argentine provinces.
  • MICA is open and participatory. It is not a call nor are the “selected”. Aimed at the diverse actors of the creative industries, it works always in an open and free way
  • MICA promotes the economy. Promotes the generation of networks, links and business among -for example- musicians, designers, artistic companies, festival programmers, recording studios, theater owners; Both national and international of the different sectors
  • MICA has three instances. In addition to the national one, which is held every two years, the MICA also includes the regional MICA and the MICSUR, in which 10 countries of Latin America participate.
  • MICA has history and stories. Many of the entrepreneurs / cultural producers that participate in MICA were present in other editions and instances, or were benefited with other programs of the Ministry, and tell how they were making their projects grow in the first person.