Núcleo de Ópera da Bahía

Address: Rua Gamboa de Cima 3 Campo Grande Salvador- BA, 40080-060, Bahía.
Web: www.nopbahia.wixsite.com/nop-ba
Facebook: nop.operabahia

Instagram: @nop_nucleodeopera_bahia

LinkedIn: Núcleo de Ópera da Bahia

YouTube: Núcleo de Ópera da Bahia


Abstract: The idea of ​​creating an unprecedented cultural project in the State of Bahia arose from meetings between the composer Aldo Brizzi, the Bahian singer Graça Reis and the cultural coordinator André Reis. Together they idealized the creation of an Opera Center in Bahia to be developed in the historical patrimonies of the State.



  • Form a Bahian Opera company, exploring the potential of Bahian opera singers and other artists from different segments involved in the production of an Opera.
  • Bring the lyrical musical genre closer to the Brazilian cultural universe, through its popularization, democratizing access to culture and collaborating for the formation of an audience.
  • Create an original and almost unpublished repertoire, breaking with the traditional productions of the great opera houses of the world, opening a new and attractive market, with the possibility, in the medium term, of co-production with other opera entities from Brazil and abroad, as well like tours of Bahian productions around the world.