Notes for growth: Chilean foundation that donates pianos, opens its next contest

Notes for Growth Chile Foundation invites you to participate in its second contest. In the first edition of the initiative in 2019, 7 institutions benefited from a vertical piano that will be used to teach music to vulnerable children. Applications are open and available until March 13, 2020. Nonprofit institutions that currently conduct music education can apply.



Notes for Growth Chile Foundation (NFG), a foundation established in New York and Chile, opened its second contest to select Chilean entities that will benefit from the delivery of a musical instrument in bailment.


The Foundation’s mission is to incorporate music and, particularly the learning of an instrument, in the training of the most vulnerable children in Chile. “We want to make music part of the lives of young people, especially in the turbulent times we live in our country,” said its President and Founder, Felipe Lecaros.


Patricio Molina, professional pianist and president of Notes for Growth in New York comments “There are very few activities that provide as many benefits for the development of a child’s brain as playing a musical instrument. For us it is a joy to facilitate the opportunity to learn to read music and play an instrument, like the piano, to so many girls and boys of limited resources. ”


Gabriela Sandoval Requena, Executive Director of Notes for Growth in New York comments “When people ask us why we send pianos to Chile, the first thing we emphasize is the shortage of these instruments there and the high average cost of music programs. There are thousands of pianos available for donation in the US. Being able to give these pianos a new life in the hands of girls and boys through entities that operate in the most needy communities of Chile, encourages us to continue this beautiful project. ”


“We are very happy to specify this first installment. For us, it is the end result of months of work. Knowing that thanks to pianos donated more than 5,000 Chilean girls and boys will be able to take music lessons, it fills us with joy, ”said Silvia Iaia, executive director of Notes for Growth Chile Foundation.


Although Chilean institutions have been called in the first and second calls, the Foundation is exploring possibilities to extend its aid to other countries.


Who can apply for

  • Institutions with legal personality such as: Corporations, Foundations, Municipality, Social Organizations, Educational Establishment, University, Cultural Center of public or private law, or other non-profit organizations that are currently conducting music education.
  • Schools or music academies that are formalized as such, as long as they prove they are not pursuing profit.


Contest Base

All the information related to this call (instruments object of the contest, calendar of the call, qualifying requirements ecc.) Are available in the Contest Base (download here).

To participate, the applicant must fill out the form indicated below, accept the model of the loan agreement (download here) and must send to the following addresses and the information indicated in section 6.2 “Application” of the Contest Base. 


Evaluation Stage

The applications will be carefully evaluated by the Selection Committee NFG which will identify the receiving foundations, analyzing various factors such as the social impact of the foundation in the nearby communities, the proven need of the instrument, the program of use of the instrument in the next years.


Notification of results

NFG will send an email to each of the applicants within 5 business days after the end of the evaluation stage, both to those awarded and not awarded. In addition the results of the contest selection will be published through this website.

Apply here




On February 19 and 20, 2020 Notes for Growth delivered the first vertical pianos to the foundations that won their first contest.


Some of the recipients of the vertical pianos such as Patricio Cerda,Manager Cultural of the Friends of Panguipulli Corporation, commented that “we are very happy to receive this Piano in Panguipulli, and be part of this great Notes for Growth initiative in the country, in that children, young people, and by the way our community, we believe that they will put the best of themselves in their practice and learning, making this instrument another reason for the development of music, and a means for the human sense and social that we look for as organizations dedicated to training ».


Fernando Saavedra, conductor of the Nocedal Foundation, said that in his 12 years at the institution he has seen examples of life improvement thanks to music “students from one of our schools in La Pintana have ended up living in Europe, dedicating themselves to music, with a life they never thought to achieve. I am convinced that the piano donated by Notes for Growth will give rise to our artistic motivations in the students of the commune ”.


The 7 Chilean institutions that applied for the first piano assignment contest were positively evaluated by the Adjudication Committee and all received one or more pianos in indefinite bailment.


In December 2019 Notes for Growth brought to Chile 11 pianos donated in New York by individuals or by institutions (including Princeton University and Newark School of the Arts). Thanks to the great support of Mediterranean Shipping Company-MSC, Felipe Serrano Customs Agency, Selotrans, Chile Pianos and other actors in Chile and the United States who generously donated their time and work.


The pianos will be used for teaching music to vulnerable children living in various areas of Chile.


During the evaluation, the Award Committee formed by the outstanding Chilean pianist Luis Alberto Latorre, Andrés Rodriguez Spoerer (Music Area Manager of the Fundación Ibáñez Atkinson) and Felipe Lecaros (President of the Notes for Growth Foundation) has paid particular attention to the programs proposed by the applicant organizations in the use of the piano for teaching and in the social impact that the instrument will have on local communities.

Based on this evaluation, the 7 institutions that received the pianos are:

  • Casa de Las Artes, Universidad Austral, Puerto Montt
  • Corporación Amigos de Panguipulli, Panguipulli
  • School of the Arts, Teatro del Lago Foundation, Frutillar
  • General School Alejandro Gorostiaga – Department of Culture of Renca Municipality, Renca
  • Papageno Cultural Foundation, Villarrica
  • Nocedal Education Foundation, La Pintana
  • Fundación Misericordia Chile, Huechuraba


We call nonprofit organizations and Chilean music schools, and teach vulnerable people to participate in our next competitions to assign one or more pianos. For more information, please write to