La Compañía Estable

Dirección: Carrera 11 No. 82-76, La Cabrera, Bogotá, Colombia.

Facebook: companiaestable

Instagram: @lacompaniaestable


Review: The Compañía Estable is a collective formed in 2008 by a group of young people who sought to stimulate the creation of repertoires and, on the other hand, promote the stability and professionalization of the scenic exercise in Colombia.

Almost fifteen years later, that mission has already borne fruit: Compañía Estable has several productions to its credit that have impregnated the scene with its independent and Latin American style, such as its staging for Florence in the Amazon by Mexican composer Daniel Catán or as The Marriage of Figaro, which will be presented in August at Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo. In 2022 and in a bid to deepen its internationalization and co-production strategy.