Classic boleros and violin and piano duo welcome September on Ceac TV

The duo made up of two of the most prominent soloists of the National Symphony Orchestra of Chile, Alberto Dourthé and Luis Alberto Latorre, in addition to the romanticism of unforgettable songs in the voices of Camerata Vocal and La Flor del Recuerdo, are part of the grid that It will be valid from September.



The successful concert offered in January 2018 by Camerata Vocal of the University of Chile together with the group La Flor del Recuerdo, will return to on Tuesday, September 1, reliving some unforgettable classic boleros. Sin ti, Historia de un amor, Contigo, Nosotros, Contigo aprendí, Piel Canela, Contigo a la distancia, are some of the themes of the program that will be broadcast from 7:40 p.m., where the public can enjoy at 4 p.m. voices that make up the chamber choral ensemble led by maestro Juan Pablo Villarroel, and the bolero group made up of Pablo Moraga on voice and maracas, Eduardo Rubio on double bass, Cristóbal González on second voice and requinto (clarinetist OSNCH), Ricardo Aguilera on third voice and guitar (OSNCH horn player), and Cristián Gutiérrez on percussions (OSNCH cell player).


The weekly program will continue with the 2019 Pianist Cycle, which reviewed an important part of the repertoire of one of the most emblematic composers of Romanticism, Frédéric Chopin. This time his works can be heard in the performance that the prominent pianist Armands Abols made in October last year, with a program that included Nocturnos Nº 1 in B flat minor, op. 9; Nº 2 in E flat major, op. 9; and No. 3 in B major, op. 9, which were written between 1830 and 1831. The pieces, each very particular, have an intimate and delicate character, typical of this type of composition. Ballads No. 1 in G minor, op.23 and No. 3 in A flat major, op. 47, framed in the collection of four Ballads that Chopin wrote between 1831 and 1842, inspired by poems by Adam Mickiewicz, friend and compatriot of the composer. Finally, the 24 Preludes op. 28, pieces without a specific format that constituted an open field for artists like Chopin, eager for creative freedom.


For its part, the Chilean National Ballet will continue on Thursday 3 and Sunday 6 at 8:00 p.m., with Cuarteto yTengo más de mil años de recuerdos, both created in 2015 by its artistic director, Mathieu Guilhaumon. The first piece, premiered within the framework of the Choreographers Festival organized by the Teatro Municipal de Santiago, has the particularity of bringing together the two main dance companies in the country: El Banch as the oldest and most important ensemble in as for contemporary dance; and the Santiago Ballet, a quintessential exponent of classical dance. There, Marine Garcia and Lateef Williams by the National Ballet, and Rodrigo Guzmán and Romina Contreras by the BDS, give life to a short work that rescues the music of Arvo Pärt, with Fratres. Meanwhile, the second piece is inspired by the book Les fleurs du mal, by Charles Baudelaire, using his own poetic imaginary, where he evokes in movements the question about the weight of memories and their impact on the present.


Josefina Pérez


The week will culminate with a new presentation of “In Crescendo”, which this time will feature two of the main figures of the National Symphony Orchestra of Chile. Concertino violinist Alberto Dourthé, and pianist Luis Alberto Latorre, 2016 President of the Republic National Music Award. Both musicians will give life to one of the most famous works for these two instruments, as well as one of great technical demand, the Sonata for violin and piano No. 9 in A major, op. 47, “Kreutzer”, by Ludwig van Beethoven. The piece was originally written for the Polish violinist George Bridgetower – with whom he premiered it – however, the composer had a disagreement with him, so he finally decided to dedicate it to the French violinist Rodolphe Kreutzer, thus giving rise to its subtitle. However, he was curious that the interpreter never touched it because it seemed too complicated.


After the performance of this work, there will be the transmission of an attractive concert offered by the National Symphony in July 2018, with the baton of the then associate director of the Orchestra, maestro François López-Ferrer. The program featured renowned French-born composers, beginning with Claude Debussy, one of the central figures of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. From him, the National Symphony Orchestra performed Petite Suite, a set of short pieces originally composed for four-hand piano and orchestrated in 1907. La Valse, by Maurice Ravel, will follow, a “choreographic poem” composed between 1919 and 1920, first for two pianos and then for orchestra. The work is configured as a series of Straussian-type waltzes, evoking the memory of that European culture destroyed with the First World War, symbolized or represented by the Viennese waltz.


Programming September 1 to 6


Tuesday, September 1, 7:40 p.m. / Camerata Vocal Universidad de Chile / La Flor del Recuerdo 

Great boleros / Unforgettable classics 

Sin ti, Historia de un amor, Se te olvida (La Mentira), Contigo, Nosotros, Para que no me olvides, Contigo aprendí, Piel Canela, Contigo a la distancia.

3rd voice and guitar: Ricardo Aguilera (Chilean National Symphony Orchestra horn)

2nd voice and requinto: Cristóbal González (OSNCH clarinet)

Percussions: Cristián Gutiérrez (OSNCH viloncello)

Double bass: Eduardo Rubio

Voice and maracas: Pablo Moraga

Camerata Vocal Director: Juan Pablo Villarroel


Registration: January 2018, Universidad de Chile Theater


Wednesday, September 2, 7:40 p.m. / 2019 Pianist Cycle 

Tribute to Frédéric Chopin 

Nocturno Nº 1 in B flat minor, op. 9

Nocturno Nº 2 in E flat major, op. 9

Nocturno Nº 3 in B major, op. 9

Ballad in G minor, op. 2. 3

Ballad in A flat major, op. 47

Preludes, op. 28

Soloist: Armands Abols

Registration: October 2019, GAM Center


Thursday, July 27 and Sunday, August 30, 8:00 p.m. / Chilean National Ballet Quartet – Chilean National Ballet and Santiago Ballet 

Choreography: Mathieu Guilhaumon

Registration: August 2015, Teatro Municipal de Santiago

Tengo más de mil años de recuerdos

Choreography: Mathieu Guilhaumon

Registration: April 2015, Universidad de Chile Theater


Friday 28 and Saturday 29 August, 7:40 PM / National Symphony Orchestra of Chile 

In Crescendo 

Ludwig van Beethoven Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 9 in A major, op. 47, “Kreutzer”

Alberto Dourthé, concertmaster of the Chilean National Symphony Orchestra

Luis Alberto Latorre, piano soloist National Symphony Orchestra of Chile

Premiere from the Universidad de Chile Theater


Great symphonic concerts 

Claude Debussy – Petite Suite

Maurice Ravel – La Valse

Direction: François López- Ferrer

Registration: July 2018, Universidad de Chile Theater