In October, Teatro Digital will have the Beijing Opera and premieres of shows by Colombian groups

In October, Teatro Digital, an initiative of Bancolombia and the Teatro Mayor, will begin its programming with the broadcast of ‘The Monkey King creates chaos in the sky’, one of the most popular programs of the Beijing Opera. For this month, the platform will also have the premiere of three national shows, La Mojarra Eléctrica, the Fundación Nacional Batuta and the Mariachi Festival, and a new concert by the Orchester Wiener Akademie of Austria.


The Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo continues to offer the public a varied program of broadcasts of performing arts shows through the Digital Theater, the Bancolombia platform and the Teatro Mayor. During the months of isolation decreed by the advance of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), Teatro Digital has attracted more than 9 million spectators and in October it will have opera, classical, Colombian and mariachi music proposals.


From October 1 to 8, the platform will broadcast The Monkey King Creates Chaos in the Sky, one of the most popular programs of the Beijing Opera. This show by the China National Peking Opera Company is inspired by Journey to the West, one of the four great classics of Chinese literature, written by Wu Cheng’en and published in the 16th century during the Ming dynasty.


The story features the Monkey King, who faces the troops of the Celestial Palace, ruled by the Jade Emperor. The show combines literature, music, fine arts, dance, martial arts and acrobatics, thus reflecting the spirit of the Beijing Opera, declared a cultural and intangible heritage of humanity by Unesco.


From October 8 to 15, Teatro Digital will premiere the concert that the Colombian group La Mojarra Eléctrica recently recorded at the Teatro Mayor, following all the measures of the biosecurity protocol of the stage. This presentation is part of the Lo Nuestro strip.


For more than a decade, and with three albums in their discography, La Mojarra Eléctrica has been one of the most important and recognized bands in the Colombian ‘World Music’ scene. Since its inception, the group has been interested in investigating sounds with Afro tendencies in Colombia, specifically the marimba and the chirimía, as well as the bullerengue and the bagpipe of the Montes de María. It has also been characterized by maintaining an eclectic mix of Afro ‘beats’ and traditional Colombian music.


From October 15 to 22, a new concert by the Austrian Orchester Wiener Akademie, conducted by the renowned organist Martin Haselböck, will arrive at Teatro Digital. In this broadcast, which is part of the Harmony Sura – Great Concertos range, the orchestra performs Ludwig van Beethoven’s Concerto for piano and orchestra Op. 61a (original version for violin, adaptation by the composer), with the Austrian pianofortist Gottlieb Wallisch as soloist.


The National Batuta Foundation will star in the following transmission of Digital Theater, from October 22 to 29, with the premiere of the Great virtual Batuta concert. As a sample of the efforts made and the achievements obtained with the implementation of the virtual and remote training project during the pandemic, the National Batuta Foundation presents this concert.


This project is a space for union and musical enjoyment that not only accounts for everything the boys and girls have learned during the year, but also exalts Colombian culture and tradition, with their own rhythms, songs and sounds. Inspired by great composers and performed by Batuta beneficiaries from all over the country and by musicians of the stature of Marta Gómez, Monsieur Periné, Puerto Candelaria and La Tulpa Raymi.


To end the month, from October 29, Teatro Digital will broadcast the Mariachi Gala, the only gala-concert-type event that will take place within the framework of the Second National Mariachi Festival in Colombia.   This year’s edition, which is part of the Lo Nuestro band, will feature Ricardo Torres and his Mariachi and Mariachi Evolución, who will perform the best classical ranchero and instrumental repertoire of the new era, with original musical arrangements of the same clusters.


Every Thursday, a new show will premiere, which can be seen for a week through the page and the official Facebook account of the Teatro Mayor.