Theater Municipal de São Paulo exhibits a multimedia show that remembers the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

Chamber performances by its artists at home, free courses with the support of pedagogical material, solo recordings in reduced versions for piano for young musicians to study, experimental meetings of the artistic languages ​​of the theater with poetry and cinema, videos of complete shows, opera, ballet and symphony concerts, and live interviews with theater professionals are part of the digital offer of Theatro Municipal de São Paulo.



While Theatro Municipal de São Paulo, linked to the Municipal Secretary of Culture, remains closed as determined by the city to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, the digital territory is the new stage of the Municipal. In times of restrictions of social coexistence for the preservation of life, the institution expands its presence in the online environment with an extensive agenda of new content. Every week there will be new material on the theater’s YouTube, Instagram and Facebook channel. An alternative for the Municipal to continue being part of the routine of its regular clients and to win over other audiences, without geographical limits.


With conceptual cuts covering different content and presentation formats, the Municipal Online programming reaches the public under the care of the artistic management team and the important collaboration of musicians, singers and dancers who are part of the artistic bodies of the house, not only from directors and directors who also actively participated in this collective construction. The complete program is divided into three series, each with its specific periodicity and digital platform for content publication. Watch the news:



An opportunity to review or immerse yourself for the first time in the fascinating universe of an opera production, be enchanted by a ballet choreography and rescue affective memories provided by symphonic and choral music. All this through the artistic bodies of the Municipal Theater: Municipal Symphony Orchestra, Lyric Choir, Paulistano Choir, Experimental Repertoire Orchestra, City String Quartet and Ballet of the City of São Paulo. Every Friday, at 8pm, the full version of a relevant art show featuring art groups will be released. These are recent or previous recordings now on YouTube.



July 24, 20 hours: The fall of the Berlin wall: 30 years. Under the direction of Naomi Munakata (1955-2020), who at that time was the principal director of the Paulistano Choir, the artistic body of the Municipal Theater performs works by Bach, Mendelssohn, and Stravinsky, including Charles Ives, Josef Rheinberger, Samuel Barber, Arnold Schönberg and Max Reger, reaching even the most current ones, such as the Norwegian Knut Nystedt and the contemporary American Eric Whitacre.

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The happy widow

The barber of Seville


The consecration of spring, Ballet of the City of São Paulo.

The Babel Library, Ballet of the City of São Paulo

Concert The Faust’s Damnation, Municipal Symphony Orchestra.

Concerto da Orquestra Experimental de Repertório (OER) with Marlui Miranda.

Documentary ‘Variações sobre um Quarteto de Cordas – To music by Johannes Oelsner’, by director Ugo Giorgetti.

The Messiah

The Nine Symphonies of Beethoven, Municipal Symphony Orchestra.

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These are the new contents produced and captured by the artists themselves in their homes. It was the first action started on social media at Theatro Municipal as soon as the program was suspended due to Covid-19 and will now be expanded. With the hashtag #ArteNaoP , musicians, singers and dancers have free space to create spontaneous performances.


Among the novelties of Arte Presente, these selected by the Municipal artistic team, are the recording of new chamber performances with musicians from the Municipal Symphony Orchestra (OSM) in repertoires that sometimes dialogue with dance, and a laboratory of Sound experiments with works little known by the public that involve the artistic languages ​​of the house and other manifestations, such as poetry and cinema.


Musicians from OSM playing Pedro e Lobo, by Sergei Prokofiev, the Paulistano Choir singing the Suite of the Fishermen, by Tom Jobim and Dorival Caymmi, and Bachianas n. 6, by Villa-Lobos, with the flute and bassoon duo of the Municipal Symphony Orchestra and The members of the City Ballet are some examples.

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It involves all educational and training content. Unique classes and theoretical courses in opera and classical music will be offered. The course “The String Quartet”, in which the violist Marcelo Jaffé, from the String Quartet of the City, recovers the historical context of the creation of the quartet formation is an example.


There will also be digital soloists, which consist of making available piano reduction recordings of famous concerts, which musicians from all over Brazil can use as study and development material. The initiative aims mainly to serve young orchestral musicians, whether string instruments (violins, violas, cellos and double basses), woods (clarinet, flute, bassoon and oboe) or brass (horn, trumpet and trombone). Those interested can download the recordings to study at home and even record their version accompanied by the municipality’s pianist, Cecília Moita. The chosen pieces are often performed by orchestras and in auditions in competitions, hence the formative importance. The recordings will be accessed by registering on the Theatro Municipal website.


And another novelty that already premiered this week is the lives on Instagram of the Municipal Theater with professionals from the cultural complex in a relaxed chat with curiosities about what happens in their daily work and to which the public does not have access. It is the Municipal Side B project, with collaborators who do not go on stage, but make the show happen. The stories of the stage technician and his challenges in ensuring that everything goes as planned, that most exquisite costume that required more time for the seamstress and the treasures kept in the Municipal Theater’s music archive will be revealed in the weekly conversations. Every Monday at 6 pm there is an appointment with two guests. 


Other content in the series Municipal for All celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Experimental Orchestra of the Repertoire, completed in 2020. The public will be able to watch videos with testimonies from musicians about the group’s history.

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The announced novelties complement what the Municipal Theater has already brought to the online environment, such as #ArteNaoPara, unpublished recordings of the nine Beethoven symphonies of OSM and the digital association between the Ballet of the City of São Paulo and São Paulo Cia. Dances for a series of videos of the campaign “Corpus: Alma e Esperança”.


The Theatro Municipal Podcast also continues with episodes with interviews and quality music. Presented by the researcher and musicologist Ligiana Costa, it is a delightful immersion in the special contents on opera, classical music, ballet and the most diverse artistic languages. 

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Theatro Municipal de São Paulo is yours and all of us. And that doesn’t change, even while it’s closed. It started in February and was suspended the following month due to the crisis caused by the new coronavirus, the 2020 season brings the message ‘Feel free’, in a campaign that is already on the air on Theatro’s digital channels, the complete one on YouTube . And this is the invitation that the Municipality makes to all to enjoy programming on the Internet while the activities on stage with an audience in the audience do not return.


The campaign presents a reformulated theater that for many was considered elitist and inaccessible, but now has a diverse program and is accessible to all audiences. Created by DOJO and produced by Void Vision, the video recorded before social isolation was enacted takes dancers Leonardo Silveira and Grecia Catarina, members of the São Paulo City Ballet, performing the choreography of Ismael Ivo, artistic director of the company, to the sound of Claudio Santoro’s Quarteto n ° 3, with the String Quartet of the City of São Paulo, which is made up of Marcelo Jaffé (viola), Betina Stegmann and Nelson Rios (violins) and Rafael Cesario (cello) . In the background, as extras, some of the employees of Municipal Theater.

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