The Teatro del Bicentenario of San Juan hosts the world premiere Die Zauberflöte in spanish

La Flauta Mágica en español © Adrian Carrizo – Teatro del Bicentenario de San Juan

On its anniversary month, the Teatro del Bicentenario of San Juan celebrates with the world premiere of the staging of Die Zauberflöte. It has the régie of Eugenio Zanetti and under the baton of Emmanuel Síffer, Mozart’s work interpreted entirely in Spanish by local and international artists.


The Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Government of San Juan together with the Mozarteum Salzburg Foundation, custodians and diffusers of Mozart’s monumental work globally, present the world premiere of the staging of Die Zauberflöte at the Teatro del Bicentenario of San Juan. This recognizedversion Spanish of the opera will be an icon for the Spanish-speaking community, lowering language barriers and making a contribution of immense artistic and cultural value to the San Juan community. 

Die Zauberflöte, by the hand of maestro Eugenio Zanetti, is an original scenic conception and specially conceived for the stage of the Bicentennial Theater. The stage direction, the stage design, visual design and costumes, have the creative genesis of Zanetti and it is the integral responsibility of the directors and team of Teatro del Bicentenario, to embody their vision.

On October 2, 3 and 5, at 9:00 p.m., Die Zauberflöte will be under the musical direction of maestro Emmanuel Síffer, the Symphony Orchestra of the UNSJ; and the FFHA University Choir, directed by Jorge Romero and a large cast of prestigious local and international artists.

La Flauta Mágica en español © Adrian Carrizo – Teatro del Bicentenario de San Juan

Inside the theater workshops, designers and filmmakers – visual, scenographic, costume designers, plastic artists for curtain painting, San Juan makeup artists – come together to carry out the realization and complete production of the unique staging, and thus contribute to the development of one of the fundamental axes of the formation of the Theater.

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The world premiere of the staging of Die Zauberflöte in Spanish aroused the interest of national and international media. La Nación, El Mercurio de Chile, Infobae, Public Television, Films & Arts, Clarín, TNT, and the Association of Musical Critics of Argentina, among other national media, confirmed their presence at the premiere of the world premiere of the launch of original scene by the hand of its creator Eugenio Zanetti and produced entirely by the Teatro del Bicentenario.

On the other hand, a team of Films & Arts, the television channel with Latin American impact with an arrival to more than 20 million homes and that is dedicated exclusively to art, culture, theater, among others, arrived in San Juan to perform a series of episodes of Teatro del Bicentenario, whose content will be at the premiere of Die Zauberflöte. They will also show the full operation of the Theater workshops, encouraging training and learning, both on stage with the implementation of specific programs for lyric singing, music, acting and dancers, as well as behind the scenes with the teaching and professional practice of costumes, props, scenic painting and video development.