From the Court of Mantua to the shopping center, Ópera Quanta premiere Rigoletto at Hayuelos

With the scenic direction of  Agnes Bekker, the Verdian classic will be presented for free this December 7 at Hayuelos Shopping Center with a leading group of soloists from the country.


Ópera Quanta will present, together with prominent Colombian soloists, on December 7 the famous work of Giuseppe Verdi, Rigoletto at Hayuelos Shopping Center, at 7:00 p.m.


This work of passion, deceit, filial love and revenge that has as its protagonist Rigoletto, the humpback jester of the court of the Duca di Mantua. Together with its melodies and the novel format that presents Opera Quanta, it manages to move the public who knows and does not know the genre.


In this production the main roles will be played by Camilo Mendoza (Rigoletto), Eliana Piedrahita (Gilda), Manuel Franco (Duca di Mantua), Alexis Trejos (Conte di Monterone – Sparafucile) and Fabiola Martínez (Giovanna – Maddalena), who will guarantee extraordinary journey through the repertoires.

“Beyond the interpretations, all the elements of this staging are an invitation to bring all audiences to enjoy the opera in a different way,” says Adriana Rojas, Creative Director of Opera Quanta, who for more than 7 years, It has taken the genre to conventional and unconventional spaces.


All the staging of Opera Quanta have projection of virtual scenarios that together with a narrator and subtitles, set the scene and tell stories.


Rigoletto is under the general direction of Adriana Rojas; Óscar Varga’s musical direction and the stage direction of Agnes Bekker.