With the Latin American premiere of Mitridate by Mozart, the Chamber Opera of Teatro Colón culminates its 2019 season

With the scene of Julián Ignacio Garcés and the musical direction of Ulises Maino, the Chamber Opera of the Teatro Colón presents the Latin American premiere of Mozart Mitridate’s work , in four functions at the 25 de Mayo Cultural Center.


From Wednesday, December 4 at 8:00 p.m., the cycle Chamber Opera of the Teatro Colón will present Mitridate, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at the Cultural Center 25 de Mayo, Av. Triunvirato 4444. With a total of four functions will take place on Wednesday 4, Friday 6, Saturday 7 and Tuesday December 10 at 8:00 p.m., this latest production of the 2019 cycle will feature musical direction by Ulises Maino and stage direction by Julián Ignacio Garcés.


The Opera House of the Teatro Colón, a proposal created in 1967 and officialized in 1969, is intended as an itinerant project, to reach different stages of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the country and abroad, promoting young artists, selected in function of the stylistic demands of the difficult genre that cultivates. Conceived as a company, teamwork, discipline and concerted work in which the values ​​of the group are above the individual performance of its members – qualities that are of paramount importance in the genre of camera -, are the bases in the That the project is founded. This year we celebrate 50 years of its creation with a 2019 season that reaffirms the spirit that gave it life.


Mozart wrote it at age 14 on behalf of Count Firmian, governor of Milan and patron, and premiered with great success at the Teatro Ducal Theater in that city. It was his first experience with serious opera. It tells the story of King Mitridate, who pretends to have died during a military campaign against the Romans, to test his children, in love with his young fiancee. Despite the initial success of this history of family intrigues and power, it was not represented again until the 20th century.

Mitrídate, Ópera de Cámara del Teatro Colón 2019 © Máximo-Parpagnoli

Mitrídate, Ópera de Cámara del Teatro Colón 2019 © Máximo-Parpagnoli


Artistic team

Musical director: Ulises Maino

Stage director: Julián Ignacio Garcés

Stage design: Diego Cirulli

Costumes: Mariana Seropian

Lighting: Verónica Alcoba

Assistant director: Florencia Ayos

Stage assistant: Carly Maratea

Master tuner: Matías Targhetta

Sound design: Gustavo Bruno y Nicholas Di Chiazza

companion Teacher: Cecilia Fracchia

Master of lights: Fara Korsunsky

Stage manager: Gaston Mazieres

Instruction idiomatic: Cristina Ferrajoli

surtitling: Mariana Nigro

Characterization: Jimena Delpino and Damian Brissio



Mitridate: Santiago Martínez

Aspacia: Constanza Diaz Falú

Xifare: Florence Burgardt

Farnace : Martín Oro

Arbate: María Virginia Savastano