With the premiere of three concerts and a innovative audiovisual experience, Municipal de Santiago begins its 2021 programme

Transcend and A New Spirit are the concerts with which the Santiago Philharmonic Orchestra will pay tribute to those who died in this pandemic, which will be transmitted free of charge and with a voluntary donation by the Municipal Delivery platform between March 26 and May 21.

In addition to these titles, Promenade, an audiovisual tour that will allow you to discover unknown places in the Theatre; the digital premiere of the opera Il Pirata by V. Bellini, co-produced by the Teatro Real and the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan; and the retransmission of The Magic Flute and the Exotic Lost Cajon, an original adaptation for family audiences of the work by W. A. ​​Mozart, from the Ópera Calcetín company.



With an artistic proposal that evokes the power of hope in difficult contexts and that includes the premiere of three concerts and a novel audiovisual experience, among other shows, Teatro Municipal of Santiago announced its programming for the March-June 2021 period.


It is a completely digital programme – given the current sanitary scenario – that innovates by presenting works performed by the Municipal artists after their gradual return to the Theatre since last December. And that have been recorded since then to be disseminated free of charge and with a voluntary donation by the Municipal Delivery platform.


“In the programming that we announce today, the Municipal artists seek to convey hope in the midst of complex moments. This is reflected in the chosen works, the delivery of stable bodies and the work that we have developed in recent months, in which we have dedicated ourselves to generating these contents challenged by changing sanitary conditions. This season we are looking for new languages ​​and settings, we rediscover spaces in our Theatre and we continue to work in partnership with great stages in the world, such as Teatro Real of Madrid, to bring the best of art to the public ”, explains Marianne Lescornez, director of artistic coordination and production.




“When the musicians had the opportunity to return to the Theatre, they arrived with an impressive desire to play and deliver their art. Culture is always ready to start. Artists are always prepared for when the time comes, because our conviction is that art is very important to nurture people especially in complex times. For that we were preparing ourselves, technically and artistically, to go back to accompany the public. And we hope you enjoy these magnificent works, ”says Roberto Rizzi-Brignoli, principal conductor of the Santiago Philharmonic Orchestra.


The new digital season will begin on March 26, at 8:00 p.m., with the premiere of the first of three concerts that pay tribute to those who died during the pandemic. The Concert 1 Trascender, performed by the Santiago Philharmonic Orchestra, under the direction of its resident conductor, Pedro-Pablo Prudencio, will address the overture La Fuerza del Destino, by G. Verdi; Death and the Maiden D.810, by F. Schubert; the Pavana for a deceased infanta, by M. Ravel; and the Macabre Dance Op.40, by C. Saint-Säens.


“What has happened this last year has been a great blow of fate, and we wanted to symbolize it with Verdi’s overture, which begins with three knocks that give the sensation of someone knocking on the door,” says Prudencio. “The program has death as its common thread. But not tragic but meditated death, which improves in the afterlife and even dialogues with ideal and fantastic worlds. Schubert says that in his quartet, which despite starting out dramatically, ends up reflecting calm and light ”, adds the resident director.


On April 23, at 8:00 p.m., an ensemble of musicians from the Philharmonic Orchestra will premiere at Municipal Delivery, a chamber concert that includes: Trio for piano, cello and flute, H.300, by Bohuslav Martinu; the Symphonic for four flutes, Op. 12, by Anton Reicha; and the Trios and Quartets for bassoon, by Zilvinas Smalys.


Concert 2 A new spirit, meanwhile, will be broadcast on May 21, at 8:00 p.m. Also performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Prudencio, he will present the Metamorphosis, by R. Strauss; and the Symphony No. 3 Eroica Op.55, by L.v. Beethoven.


These three concerts will be available for free and with a voluntary donation on the Municipal Delivery digital platform from the day of their premiere and for two weeks.




The Municipal’s digital programming will also offer two operas. Between April 9 and 23, The Magic Flute and the Exotic Lost Cajon will be broadcast, an original lyrical proposal in five episodes, freely adapted from the opera Die Zauberflute (The Magic Flute) by W. A. ​​Mozart for Opera Calcetín. This company is made up of Francisca Muñoz and Alexis Exequiel Sánchez, both members of the Municipal Choir of Santiago, as well as the creators Sebastián Rodríguez and Catalina Astorga.


The Magic Flute and the Exotic Lost Cajon, which incorporates subtitles and sign language (Fundación Escúchame) in all chapters, will be the only paid title of this program. The public will soon be able to buy their tickets at www.municipal.cl and those who already have a virtual card will be able to use it to access this innovative family proposal.


For the operatic public, the Municipal scheduled for May 7, at 8:00 p.m., the opera Il Pirata by V. Bellini. A co-production by the Teatro Real in Madrid and the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, which will be broadcast thanks to a collaboration between the Teatro Municipal de Santiago and the Teatro Real in Madrid.


Produced by Emilio Sagi, Il Pirata —one of Bellini’s first operas— has in its cast prominent figures of international opera such as Sonya Yoncheva, Javier Camarena and George Petean, among others, under the musical direction of Maurizio Benini.


New audiovisual experience


This cycle of digital programming will close on June 4, at 8:00 p.m. with Promenade, an innovative experience that will allow you to discover unusual or unknown places in the Theatre through an audiovisual tour. Groups from the Philharmonic Orchestra and the Santiago Ballet, as well as a quintet of singers from the Municipal Choir, will be in charge of guiding this proposal, in which works ranging from Renaissance to modern will be performed.


To conclude, Leonardo Pozo, general manager of the Municipal Theatre of Santiago, points out that “we are proud, because despite the challenges posed by this pandemic, the artists and workers of Teatro Municipal of Santiago, with the commitment of always, have managed to forward a new season in the current healthcare context in which we find ourselves, to continue reaching all audiences with new content and shows of excellence “.


More details at municipal.cl.