Benefits of becoming a member

Ópera Latin America, OLA is focused on supporting the development and advance of Latin American lyrical work, offering to its members:



Through the management of OLA’s executive team that regularly participates in international conferences and fairs, we generate new opportunities for members by expanding the network of contacts globally. Along with the above, online networking sessions are held periodically to connect partners with projects.



Through the OLA communication media, website, social networks and newsletter to a specialized database of 8,000 contacts in theaters around the world, the OLA communications team regularly communicates the news of its associates.



Through collaboration agreements, network partners have free access to Opera America and Opera Europa conferences and forums. Which have values ​​between 500 and 800 dollars.

In addition, benefits are added with other organizations with which OLA has signed collaboration agreements.



OLA has developed networking forums between theaters, which are opportunities for theater teams to connect with peers, generate business networks and share good practices, thus helping to professionalize theater teams. The current forums are: marketing, fundraising, technical and artistic programming.



OLA’s executive team develops special projects year after year, which, depending on the focus, the partners can benefit from. Some of the previous ones have been training courses with the Academy of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, commercial missions financed by ProChile, technology funds financed by Corfo, among other initiatives.



Part of our communicational development includes highlighting the Latin American artistic heritage through the development of specialized sections such as Opera and other herbs and Theater of the month, among other initiatives.



Through the OLA observatory, we carry out biannual surveys to collect data from members and the sector that allow us to present the work and impact of theaters both economically and socially.



OLA members have free access to the benefits offered by Escena Digital. Through it they can upload information about the organization, productions available for sale or lease as well as see what is available and contact theaters. The reference value of Scene is $500 dollars.


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