Theatro São Pedro in association with Guri Capital e Grande São Paulo present the opera Il matrimonio segreto

To bring children and adolescents closer to the world of opera, the masterpiece of the Italian composer Domenico Cimarosa will be presented from 03 to 24 July in four episodes to be broadcast on the channels. YouTube and the social networks of the two institutions.


Guri Capital e Grande São Paulo and Theatro São Pedro, institutions of the Department of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo, managed by the social organization of Santa Marcelina Cultura, launch the # ÓperaEmSerie project with Il matrimonio segreto by Domenico Cimarosa. 


Throughout the month of July, the public will be able to see in four commented episodes the opera that is considered the masterpiece of the Italian composer. Released in 1792, Il matrimonio segreto tells the story of an old man, and surd receiving great news: a nobleman wants marry his eldest daughter! While father and daughter celebrate the good news, the youngest is encouraged to say that she secretly married the young employee Paolino. So far so good! The problem is when the noble man changes his mind and decides to marry the younger one. 



July 3 (Friday), 5:00 PM: Episode 1

July 10 (Friday), 5:00 PM: Episode 2

July 17 (Friday), 5:00 PM: Episode 3

July 24 (Friday), 5:00 PM: Episode 4

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All This jealous disaster, took the stage of the Theatro São Pedro in May 2018, directed by Caetano Vilela. In the musical direction and in front of the São Pedro Theater Orchestra, the conductor Valentina Peleggi. The montage also featured scenery by Duda Arruk, costumes by Fause Haten and characterization by Edu VonGomes. 


The cast featured soprano Caroline Komi as Carolina, soprano Joyce Martins as Elisetta, mezzo Ana Lucia Benedetti as Fidalma, tenor Jean William as Paolino, baritone Michel de Souza as Count Robinson and bass Pepes Do Valle as Geronimo.


As a way of expanding access to the content produced by Theatro São Pedro and bringing children and adolescents closer to the world of opera, the edition will be divided into four episodes with a talk, with the participation of Caetano Vilela and Michel de Souza and that they will be broadcast on their YouTube channels and the social networks of Guri Capital e Grande São Paulo and Theatro São Pedro. The first episode will premiere on July 3, Friday, at 5:00 p.m. 


#GuriEmCasa and # TheatroSãoPedroEmCasa 


By Domenico Cimarosa (1749-1801)
Libretto by Giovanni Bertati (1735-1815)


Orquesta Theatro São Pedro
Teatro Valentina Peleggi | musical direction
Caetano Vilela | staging and lighting
Fause Haten |costumes
Duda Arruk| scenography
Edu VonGomes | characterization


Jean William | Paolino
Caroline De Comi | Carolina
Michel de Souza | Count Robinson
Pepes do Valle | Gerónimo
Ana Lúcia Benedetti | Fidalma
Joyce Martins | Elisetta



The Guri is a program that develops Music Education and Sociocultural Inclusion at 13.000 children and adolescents between 6 and 18 years old in 44 centers in the capital and cities of the São Paulo metropolitan region. Managed by Santa Marcelina Culture, Social Organization (OS) qualified by the Department of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo, the program provides the opportunity for cultural growth and social inclusion through quality music education backed by social work . effective. Always focused on the full development of human capacity, Guri provides not only a support network for its students and students, but also for their families and communities in which the program operates. 



Theatro São Pedro celebrates 100 years with one of the richest and most surprising stories in national music. Opened in a time of cultural flourishing, the theater is part of the tradition both in the opera houses created in the late 19th and 20th centuries and the proliferation of concert halls in the neighborhoods of São Paulo. It is the only remnant of the time when culture spread through the streets of the city, promoting concerts, galas, evenings, operas and operettas. In these 100 years, the São Pedro Theater went through various phases and reinventions. It was once a cinema, theater and, without stable bodies, it received traveling companies that established operas and operettas. Between comings and goings, the theater was the scene of political and cultural resistance, and received great names from our music, such as Eleazar de Carvalho, Isaac Karabtchevsky, Caio Pagano and Gilberto Tinetti, and has hosted concerts by Osesp. After undergoing a restoration, it reopened in 1998 with the installation of La Cenerentola by Gioachino Rossini. Little by little, the opera came to occupy a prominent place in the São Pedro program, and in 2010, with the creation of the São Pedro Theater Orchestra, this vocation was reaffirmed. Over the years, his lyrical seasons opted for diversity, well-known titles from the traditional repertoire, some works performed in addition to the operas of Brazilian composers, making Theatro São Pedro a reference in the country’s lyrical scene. Now, the São Pedro Theater, an institution of the Government of the State of São Paulo administered by Santa Marcelina Cultura, a social partner organization of the Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo, begins a new stage, respecting its own history and stay tuned for new challenges. of art, culture and society.