The Amazonas de Ópera Festival will host the Third Meeting of Creative Economy and Opera Houses in Brazil

Tercer Encuentro de Economía Creativa y Teatros de Ópera

The event will take place on Friday May 20 in Manaus and seeks to promote the promotion of culture and the generation of employment and income in the sector.


Discuss the potential and positive impacts of the culture and services sectors as a solution for the sustainable social and economic development of the Amazon region. This is the proposal of the Third Meeting of Creative Economy and Opera Houses of Latin America, which takes place this Friday, May 20, at Salão Solimões. The event is part of the programming of the 24th Amazonas Opera Festival (FAO) and has free admission.


Promoted by the Government of Amazonas, through the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy and the Cultural Development Agency of the Amazon (AADC), the meeting has a significant role in promoting culture, but also opens a channel for discussion and proposals between representatives of the Departments of Planning, Tourism, Education, in addition to the Superintendence of the Manaus Free Trade Zone (Suframa) and the National Foundation for the Arts (Funarte).


According to the Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy, Marcos Apolo Muniz, the cultural industry presents a promising market that has been promoted in the Amazon.


“We cannot think of culture only as a sector of artistic manifestation, but as a land full of possibilities. Jobs are generated in cultural productions, formal jobs such as seamstresses, locksmiths, as well as heating tourism and commerce in the state,” he says. Apollo Munoz.


The executive director of the FAO, Flávia Furtado, creator of the Third Meeting of Creative Economy and Opera of Latin America, highlights the importance of the event.


“Dialogue between government departments, cultural agents and social entrepreneurs must be a constant practice so that the latent potential is fully understood, can gain substance and achieve lasting results, impacting social and economic data,” she says.


As Flávia explains, the preservation of the environment is also on the agenda of the meeting. She points out that the creative economy, tourism and services must offer paths to economic growth, aligned with the sustainability of the Amazon.


Co-production agreement


An agreement will also be signed at the meeting for the co-production of the opera O Contratista de Diamantes, between representatives of the Amazonas theater, the São Paulo Municipal Theater and the Belo Horizonte Palácio das Artes.


The association between the theaters took place from the Brazilian Forum of Opera, Dance and Concert Music, which brings together artists and musical institutions of the country and acts in the promotion of the union and representativeness of the sectors with public agencies and the private sector.



Cooperation Agreement


During the event there is still the signing of the Technical Cooperation Agreement, in which the Secretaries of Culture and Creative Economy and Economic Development, Science and Technology of Innovation and Suframa participate.


“The agreement will be an important milestone, at a time when the culture industry becomes part of the economic pole created in 1967, made up of a conglomerate of companies in the areas of commerce, industry and agriculture”, explains Flávia Furtado.


The executive director of the FAO points out that, based on the agreement, the results of the creative economy sector will be mapped, making it possible to survey the real impact of the opera and culture industry in the State of Amazonas, for the creation of new lines of public policy and promotion.